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  1. So earlier today I was using a source on my VPS and it was working perfectly fine. My friends could connect to my client and log-in and play no problem. I decided I was going to change sources and for some reason when I run the server files now it says that the port is open on the ip but no matter what I do I cannot connect...what in the world?
  2. Welcome to our thread! Judgment is aimed towards becoming one of the greatest community based economy servers in the RSPS world! We care about our players and guarantee an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone! Our staff are here to help you stay informed and feel appreciated and respected. Although content is important, we believe that having a strong administrative team and connection with our players is the key factor in a successful server. Judgment is new, and there is quite a lot of improving to do! We try and push out an update every week, and you can help us reach our weekly content update goal by making suggestions! We are always looking to implement new features to our wonderful server. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you online soon! Website: Under Construction !LOAD CLIENT ON RESIZABLE! Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tecwunjjrc3ezi/Judgment.jar?dl=0 !LOAD CLIENT ON RESIZABLE! I will attempt to update the media as much as I can! I will most likely attach them to my update posts! Please, log in and give me some feedback! The client is constantly receiving updates. We're in the process of adding JButtons to make your experience on Judgment even more convenient! Working on this thread as we speak, media is being added as well as more information!
  3. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the "Craft" option on the gems to work. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?
  4. So, I've successfully set up port forwarding for my servers several times. I recently changed ISPs and I just can't seem to figure it out. I set-up a TCP and UDP firewall bypass for port 43594 to 43594. What is going wrong? I run my server and check my ports and it says that the port 43594 is closed on the IP address I'm assigning...
  5. I literally knew it....
  6. Hello, I'd like to know if there's a way to fix client blackscreening. I've noticed that by time the client is fully loaded and players are logging in, the cache is at about 10% downloaded. Even after they get to 100%, they reload their clients and the client still blackscreens. Is there any way to fix this? Is there a way to prioritize the cache downloading? I also tried running my client and found the error which happens when logging in: http://pastebin.com/EPFSHS98
  7. Hello, Some of my players log-in for the first time and their screens are black. They probably wait for the cache to download (via displayfps) but I've finally spoken to one, and even after 100% their screen is still black. Is there a way to increase the priority of cachedownloading? Or just fix this? Thanks
  8. Okay, well if I want to use my current cache how would I go about correctly fixing old items look....
  9. Yes, spawning items work with other caches, however that includes new item models.
  10. This is what I'm trying to do man and nobody has been able to help me. I've tried myself I promise man I really have. This is the last thing I'd like to do before I release publicly. I am trying to get rid of new item looks or make old item looks work correctly. Ex. If you switch to old item looks, the claws only have one claw, armadyl is all weird and stretchy, etc. Someone mentioned that it has to do with an index being read somewhere that is incorrect, which I have yet to locate... Another option would be removing new item models like I have tried and literally just using old item models. Now, when I did log-in with the modified client, all of my inventory models were old item looks, and it wouldn't let me equip anything. I emptied my inventory and tried to spawn some items but they don't spawn at all.
  11. Also, If I equip things before I change the cache to the modified cache, I will still be wearing them/have them in my inventory but upon clicking on them it says "You can't wear that." However I've set the correct equipIDs... I don't get it.
  12. I have tried different things. I've determined it doesn't have to do with equipIDs. I've loaded up other caches or previous caches that I've used and all item IDs are recognize and there is no problem. I've also discovered that when I spawn an item to a bank it says "You have spawned dwarf remains directly into your bank" and I know dwarf remains is 0. Is it reading from itemdefinitions.java? I don't know if since I removed the new item models and replaced them with old item models that the itemdefinitions.java is invalid or something and I'm not experienced enough to make that assumption or not.
  13. Recently, I removed the new item models from the game and replaced them with 667 item models. I can no longer spawn the items at all, if I get a drop and pick it up the item disappears. I have two commands, one to spawn to inventory and one to my bank. If I spawn to my inventory, the item doesn't show up and it's not even spawned. If I spawn to my bank it sends me the message "You have spawned (item) directly into your bank." I open my bank and sure enough the item is there, however when I withdraw it the item disappears. Also, before I replaced the models it would tell me the correct item when I spawned to bank, but now every item I spawn it says "You have spawned dwarf remains directly into your bank, even if its not dwarf remains. Dwarf remains don't even show up in my bank the actual item does.
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