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  1. [quote name='Mish']yea.. i tried one ages ago it made my tounge bleed xDD[/QUOTE] You suck it and rub your tongue over it to get more flavour / make it softer faster. Have you ever has one of those tubes with liquid in and a circular ball on top that you rub your tongue on to get the liquid out? that made my tongue bleed aswell :( Just reread my post and it sounds dodgy :P
  2. They sell more gold than accounts, ask them to buy the gold
  3. [quote name='Dean']no and that's final wtf can u not get about all of these threads that say no[/QUOTE] This is the first time ive heard about this; why cant it be implemented? this thread is about change is it not?
  4. [quote name='Hutch']I beg too differ, I have 4-5 pages of infractions.[/QUOTE] Sounds like staff are doing their job?
  5. [quote name='Aff']Ikiliki stated earlier in the chatbox that changes will be revealed over the week. It's best not to say them all now.[/QUOTE] I wouldnt know, matty banned me 2 months ago -.- i hold grudges badly >.< hence my impatience that were not being told straight although then again, [U]the people have changed not the site so i doubt much can fix this[/U]
  6. [quote name='Mystic Flow']Did you even get any more powers, jr. global mod and global mods look like they have the same rights for me[/QUOTE] jr. mod is like a trial position; they get the powers of a mod but they are heavily watched Global mod, i have no idea... they only need 4 ranks... admin, mod, jr. mod and sectional... simples moderator has power over all boards but cant ban? -------------- Tbh i dont think anyone should be promoted, i think the staff need to be demoted so that the team can be built from scratch with the community involved in the selection..? but meh its not my forums
  7. My mum has that ww2 poster in the living room :P side note; Without being too negative, a change of theme will fix things? (although i could never tell anything was broken). It would be useful if people actually knew what was going to change?
  8. He said that this was goign to happen for a long time and it actually happened
  9. [QUOTE]The explosions release waves of X-rays and ultraviolet radiation which smash into the Earth within minutes[/QUOTE] Electromagnetic waves don carry mass ffs [QUOTE]The plasma create the aurora - or Northern Lights - and can induce electrical currents in power lines and cables.[/QUOTE] The northern lights are caused from charged electrons from i believe the Moon? [QUOTE]If the storm is powerful enough it could even crash stock markets[/QUOTE] Directly? bull shit I cant believe you read the daily mail its far too right wing
  10. [quote name='battlezone']community is great mods are nice as long as your on their side and follow the rules. so what he said dib shit? i mean seriously this is a rsps forum if your to young to hear these words gtfo. trey is a nice guy dont be like that to him when you dont know him. also i suggest you delete this thread before you get banned...[/QUOTE] Well its unprofessional, when i think of the moderators i think about sensible and understanding people, If he was commentating on the forums then i understand but doing it on "official business" is disappointing.. if you condone this then you condone "HAHAHAH fuck you heres your infraction retard"
  11. clawz

    Mooz-lum The Movie

    [quote name='battlezone']looks sad but why are they calling it "mooz lum" sounds like their trying to make fun of muslim[/QUOTE] ^This
  12. clawz

    MOTM Feb 2011

    [quote name='2kbarrows']I seem, Faab and Friss on alot, just not many posts, i see no problem in that... The rest idk, although lusfr, is on alot at tinychat. Ishana, gets promoted to mod and does it well.[/QUOTE] The question you must ask yourself is if he deserves mod on tiny chat or on the forums :/ (no offence) I think Fly, Emily and 2kBarrows (your self) should be offered positions, i would rather see staff that post alot (takes interest in the community) than ones that just do their job so to speak, how ever well they do it. For example Joe is currently doing the SOTW and Toonshorty does a large amount of projects in the computer section . I think there's more to being a mod than just locking topics etc; a certain involvement to better the community is needed :/
  13. [quote name='Hutch']You obviously didn't read the whole articile, it stated he has some kind of medical condintion and he was only drawing it to relieve the stress. He also stated - He'd never hurt a teacher or anybody else.[/QUOTE] I did actually. My point is valid, did you never lie when you were a kid?