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  1. no? more then one server has it like that.
  2. I want teleport options like this please. [IMG][IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/34oynwx.png[/IMG][/IMG] How do I add them in? Can someone link me to a tut or something? please & thanks!
  3. I currently have a 600+ gameframe and I am trying to change it to a 525 gameframe. Where do I go to change them? and can someone show me how?
  4. I have a base and I dont like the current models of the npc's, and items, is there any way you can change them? and what files/java.docs do i need to change?
  5. [quote name='ilyamanda']Have you tried [url]http://www.simpleportforwarding.com/[/url][/QUOTE] do i put my no-ip in it or what?
  6. I have an Intellinet Router and when I go to portforward it makes me put numbers and letters. like i cant put my no-ip address in it... [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/2my6g.png[/IMG]
  7. I am looking for some people to help me develop a RSPS. I am looking to make a 317, loading +600 items and bosses. and loading a 525 Gameframe. Goals: I would like to make a Unique RuneScape Private Server that everyone would like to play. I want it to have an actual Runescape feel but all the fun a private server can hold. I would like to try to have some skills as accurate as possible but also still make the game different and fun1 Wanting: Mini-Games: 1. Barrows 2. Clan Wars 3. Duel Arena 4. Pest Control -Eventually Castle Wars -Eventually Dominion Tower Bosses: 1. The Giant Mole 2. King Black Dragon 3. The Three Dagannoth Kings 4. Chaos Elemental 5. Kalphite Queen 6. Tormented Kings 7. Corporal Beast 8. Complete God Wars Dungeon w/ ALL BOSSES Skills: 1. Attack 2. Strength 3. Defence 4. Range 5. Prayer 6. Magic 7. Hitpoints 8. Crafting 9. Mining 10. Smithing 11. Fishing 12. Cooking 13. Firemaking 14. Woodcutting 15. Runecrafting 16. Agility 17. Herblore 18. Theiving 19. Fletching 20. Slayer 21. Farming 22. Construction 23. Hunter -Eventually Summoning -Eventually Dungeoneering -Unique Shops -Unique Interfaces -Unique But not crowded home -Unique Teleporting -Unique Achievements/Challenges/Quests -Unique Donator and Veteran abilities and areas! -Rare and Accurate Monster Drops! And much, much moree! Please if you are interested, please add Like.A.Baus on Skype. and we can talk about it more there!
  8. I downloaded this and the Server part of the package isn't there