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  1. [quote name='GkCha0z']You're going to have to port forward manually. Don't use utorrent.[/QUOTE] Is there anyway you could teamviewer me or skype me?
  2. Can you put a link to a different client we could use
  3. I have done both... it still doesnt work, + iv tried removing it from utorrent
  4. smidge


    Yup, i can see myn on canyouseeme.org too, i was trying to make that exact same client earlier.. + iv tried like 10 more..
  5. [quote name='GkCha0z']Simple, actually port forward, don't use utorrent it will not work. Also, if you cannot log in, change the ip for your local ip. I.e or[/QUOTE] I have done that + i host a minecraft server off it and it works fine..
  6. Hey, Iv been trying to make my server work all day.. I have been downloading clients and sources, i portfarward, utorrent and no-ip n change the ips on them etc but nothing works.. it just doesnt let me log in.. On any version of any server.. I was wondering if any of you could help me and maybe skype me then we could teamviewer or something as i want this server up badly :/ Id give rs cash if you could set it up for me or just help me! Thanks Smidge