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  1. About RuneGuild: RuneGuild has just been released! Active friendly Community, daily community driven updates, Balanced economy, Mix of both PK and PVM Content, Multiple Xp Modes, Multiple Gamemodes, All bosses fully coded, Alot of custom content, Start your Adventure today! read on our discord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrpcGEuGrkE
  2. Hey man, Be sure to checkout RuneGuild.org Your discord doesn't seem to be working. Mine is Smidge#7105
  3. [quote name='GkCha0z']You're going to have to port forward manually. Don't use utorrent.[/QUOTE] Is there anyway you could teamviewer me or skype me?
  4. Can you put a link to a different client we could use
  5. I have done both... it still doesnt work, + iv tried removing it from utorrent
  6. smidge


    Yup, i can see myn on canyouseeme.org too, i was trying to make that exact same client earlier.. + iv tried like 10 more..
  7. [quote name='GkCha0z']Simple, actually port forward, don't use utorrent it will not work. Also, if you cannot log in, change the ip for your local ip. I.e or[/QUOTE] I have done that + i host a minecraft server off it and it works fine..
  8. Hey, Iv been trying to make my server work all day.. I have been downloading clients and sources, i portfarward, utorrent and no-ip n change the ips on them etc but nothing works.. it just doesnt let me log in.. On any version of any server.. I was wondering if any of you could help me and maybe skype me then we could teamviewer or something as i want this server up badly :/ Id give rs cash if you could set it up for me or just help me! Thanks Smidge