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  1. I have, but when i compile it it comes up with " Note: Java/client.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:nchecked for details. Press any key to continue . . ." But I have been told that this means it compiled correctly and not to worry about it
  2. [U]My IP will not change!![/U] I have changed the Ip in client and GUI and compiled it. I will post a screenshot below: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7796[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]7797[/ATTACH] but when i load up the server it says it is connecting to a different IP : This is shown here: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7798[/ATTACH] Please could someone tell me how to fix this!! P.s. I have searched with a file searcher to find where the other ip is in the files and it doesn't seem to be able to find it in any file. Please reply fast!!!