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  1. Quite a batch of updates&patches coming here, enjoy! 6 Clues has been added 5 easy and 1 medium The client cache has been uploaded to another host to ensure faster download speed Chaotic maul and obby maul now has a different attack interface A teleportation bug has been patched Dungeoneering npcs no longer drops effigys and clue scrolls 3 Rocktail fishing spots has been added to members only area Bronze dragons should now hit Movario (At members only area) now holds two shops, donator point shop and Donator only shop Members can now light colored fires Colored logs can no longer be traded, sold or dropped The slayer masters dialogues has been reworked Regular players can now reset their slayer task for 20 slayer points The prayer altars in godwars dungeon should now work with a 10 minute timer Clue scrolls no longer drops as frequently Ava's accumulator and completionist capes savings of arrows and bolts has been lowered [B][COLOR="#00FF00"]Client updated to V3.4 (Make sure to refresh webclient/download latest desktop client!)[/COLOR][/B] Client updates: You can now add/ignore when right clicking on a players username (Chatbox and such) The loyalty exchangers name was changed to Prestige exchanger
  2. Another batch of updates was released today, make sure to check them out!
  3. Appreciated louie! More updates has been made today!
  4. Appreciated jafooly! Two new batches of updates&patches were released yesterday and today! Feel free to check them out!
  5. You are welcome to! OT: More updates has been made today, make sure to check them out!
  6. Updates&Patches #26 Heres another batch of updates and patches, enjoy! Novice and Expert modes can no longer use dragonkin lamps (Opinions?) All XP Modes should now receive the same amount of xp in the dungeoneering floors All XP Modes should now receive the same amount of xp in the slayer tasks Novice mode now gets 10 Slayer points upon finished task Expert mode now gets 15 Slayer points upon finished task Legend mode now gets 30 Slayer points upon finished task Client updated to V3.3 (Make sure to refresh webclient or download latest desktop client) Title Manager has found hes way to edgeville and can provide you to unlock and change titles! * Titles: [Nov. PK], [Exp. PK], [Leg. PK] added to be unlocked (Requires 500Player Kills) * Titles: [Nov. PVM], [Exp. PVM], [Leg. PVM] added to be unlocked (Requires 1500 NPC Kills) [Image: title1.png] [Image: title2.png] [Image: title3.png] [Image: title4.png] [Image: title5.png] [Image: title6.png] [Image: title7.png] [Image: title8.png]
  7. Updates&Patches #24 Heres another batch of updates, hope you all enjoy! Finished Chaos elemental boss Dharok's set boost has been buffed up again seeming it was nerfed abit too much You can now name your saved teleports by using the following: Example: ::tele1 edgeville (Will name your first saved teleport to Edgeville) This works for all 5 teleports simply change ::tele1 to ::tele2, ::tele3, ::tele4 or ::tele5 Keep in mind! It does not yet support spaces in the namings, so try to avoid them! The Salve Amulet has been added to the donator webshop, this amulet keeps your prayer points from draining at all times! [Image: chaosele.png] [Image: nameteles.png]
  8. Appreciated. [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35320740/UpdatesinPics/up22.png[/img] Mts, doe pictures say more than words. but also words.
  9. Updated main post to look more visually appealing, enjoy!
  10. We now have Dicing and Mithril flowers available for everyone! Join us today!
  11. Post: #1 | Updates&Patches #19 Hello ballerscapers, heres some more updates&patches, hope you enjoy. Started on some client work New client background, loading and finished Private messaging between regular users and others is now fixed as it was bugging out Achievement interface was given a touch up Carried wealth shouting was modified as it would sometimes shout out random numbers and not the correct value NPC Updating while in combat has been worked on alot The skilling tasks has been modified aswell and should no longer at all give dwarf remains as a task (Notice me if it would ever happen) Some skill experience rates has been increased slightly More achievements has been started on, will be released shortly Client updated to V3.1 Make sure you are updated! Post: #1 | Updates&Patches #20 Hello ballerscapers! As noticing we've now hit 20 Updates&Patches logs! Which is great imo, and there will be alot more to come! Todays update has been asked for alot, yeah i mean aalot! Ballerscape Highscores, keep track on your rank and compete for the number 1 spot! Visit the highscores by clicking HERE. PS, as you will notice i am also on the highscore. But that will only be for the next 2 coming days for testing purposes and then i will remove myself from the highscore completely!
  12. Post: #1 | Updates&Patches #18 Finished update server (Faster cache files download, (Now only checks and downloads the updated files)) PS. Might take a couple of secounds extra when opening the client, due to it searching threw your cache for outdated files. Removal off all doors reworked, now only removing some, including the one to the furnace building in edgeville Fishing XP for Mantas and Rocktails has been increased The christmas event is now canceled for 2013! (Abit overdue) Christmas Webshop Item Deals are now canceled! (Also abit overdue)