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  1. I noticed this too, its a shame man
  2. It'd be nice to see some 3D stuff come from your end :D Good work though man.
  3. [quote name='hellman2741']It has to be done in the client InetAddress.getLocalHost(); otherwise it'll just get the MAC address of the Dedi lol[/QUOTE] Then you send something to the server after, and save the MAC address. Then check it upon login.
  4. Not a big fan of AMD GFX Cards, They seem to only go for Graphics.. whee as Nvidia go for Graphics.. and Stabalisation, Higher FPS etc.. Seems like an Alright card, Should run most if not all games on Highest Graphics.. But I would have gone for a Nvidia card with the amount you spent on that card, You could have got a better one.. With nvidia. It's fine though I have a Nvidia 560 TI SLI.. And that runs all games 60 fps, max graphics.. So far anyway.
  5. Web Designer, and I know allot about computers, Only 17 but I act mature enough:), 18 in febuary so.. Add my skype: sam-parton
  6. It's so I can be lazy and don't have to mess around check rights on each command.
  7. Awesome, thanks bro!:)
  8. Awesome:P Write me an epic one:P
  9. The transaction is done, You have your VPS now I hope you enjoy your Best Host VPS. Any problems contact me on skype, would you mind doing me a vouch also?:)
  10. Oh and whats your skype or msn so we can discuss this? OMFGGG 1K POSTS:D
  11. Alright awesome, allready got a windowsVPS set up, and ready to use:)