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  1. Merry christmas to you guys :) But isn't the advertisement area for advertising? And sorry ItsWowStyle, but getting a unique rsps is pretty hard these days. :/ Either way cheers guys.
  2. What is up, everybody :D. I'm here to introduce to you a very addicting and fun server. Pwn-City ladie's and gentleman. Pwn-City is a server that is looking for staff it is being hosted 24/7 Running on a trustable strong vps We currently need more staff and players but we're making ourselves known in the world of runescape private servers. Thing's you'll absolutely love about our server. -Awesome community -Lag-free server -Very relaxing -Easy leveling -Stable economy -Active forums -All bosses working -All drop's have been fixed -Great home -All skill's work -Dungeoneering to 120 (140M xp) -Assisting staff -Nice player's -Pwn-city point's shop (points achieved trough :slayer tasks, duel arena and pest control) -Dicing So what are you guys waiting for? We need you guys! FORUM: [url]http://pwncity.boards.net/[/url] Webclient: [url]https://www.rspscoding.org/play/?server=Pwn%20City%20-%20NEW-VPS[/url] Please forgive me for no fancy thingies here :/
  3. I'd be happy with socks, i got nothing...
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