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  1. Ruler

    Rs custom items

    Bump, Still need help locating a download link!
  2. Ruler

    Rs custom items

    [quote name='Ranger']Wrong Section :P Belongs in the RSPS Section :D[/QUOTE] Oh sorrry , :( Saw 'support' Then though i could ask here.
  3. Ruler

    Rs custom items

    Well first of all the title may be a bit miss-leading sorry for that, But Currently i've searched for about 2-3 hours now, I can't seem to find GZIP download. Also I need a decent Rs map editor for a 317 if anyone could help thanks.
  4. I think it'd be a lovely idea, Runescape is eventually going to die out like every other game, It's already starting. You really have nothing to lose.
  5. [quote name='TheOnlyPur3']My compiler in my folder shows up as a large Windows Error, that won't work.. I've tried many different compilers but they won't work still :s[/QUOTE] That's your problem then, Make sure that your compiler is detecting your version of java.
  6. Not very sure what your asking, If your using your 'Real-ip" then it should work, Make sure in your client that your using the ip that you have and that you compiled, also make sure all your ports are forwarded.
  7. Ruler

    Need help with shops

    I tried adding the statement and declaring it but nothing happened when i did , I'm not sure how to make it work. Anyone else able to help??? I don't want it spoon-fed.
  8. Ruler

    Need help with shops

    [quote name='entirety']you need to make switch statements, idk how to make you one but maybe look around on google or something.[/QUOTE] I googled around and couldn't find anything?? BUMPPP --- still need help
  9. Ruler

    Need help with shops

    Hello Runelocus community, I know this is a really nooby question but im brushing up on my development skills a bit and was curious on making an item sell for a certain amount of points (Pk points) So say I wanted item 663 to sell to a player for 10 pkp , But I also want it to sell back to the shop for 10 pkp How would i work that out?? I know the steps for the items to sell to a player for a certain amount but i'm not sure how to make it exchange back for the same amount.
  10. [quote name='RSTF']garbage...[/QUOTE] And your a fail java drive by creator. You shouldn't even be on this forums considering you tried to rat like 6 or 7 people.
  11. Honestly, You shouldn't be looking for developers on here. Most people are going to lie and deceive you. Especially since you already have a vps and everything. The best bet for you is to find friends that are experience in java language, mostly because all good developers on here are already working on their own projects. Anyways, Good luck with your server!
  12. It's a java drive by, Just warning you. Downloaded it and virus scanned it. REQ close & ban.
  13. Probably one of the best servers I've seen in the advertisement section so far.
  14. I'm a bit interested. Can we talk on skype about it since there's not very much information in this thread? o:
  15. I'd love to help out with graphics!