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  1. Perhaps separating them into methods and possibly using a switch might make it look a little cleaner, that is one hell of a block of code
  2. kaos

    Matrix III

    Looking good, was wondering how long before RS3 private servers came around publicly, though not been very active myself, it's great to see progress.
  3. [quote name='Bezza']lold you remind me of sir tom with all these projects[/QUOTE] I think I missed the rein of Sir Tom however I do remember CBoy :gg:
  4. Hello there! I am looking for a modeler and animator, preferably the same person however if you can only do one or the other that's cool as well. This is a paid position and pay will be discussed upfront before work starts. If you are interested, please reply or PM me. You will be responsible for [LIST] [*]Magic skills and animation [*]New bosses & NPC's [*]Items and there animations [*] [/LIST] You will also be responsible for making sure both male and female characters look correct. I currently have 2 developers, they will implement it into the client.
  5. [quote name='Ikiliki']This is about an user's activity, [I]post[/I] [I]thanks[/I] have nothing to do with activity of an user :) Bronze = 0 posts Iron = 50 posts Steel = 100 posts Mithril = 200 posts Adamant = 400 posts Rune = 800 posts Dragon = 1600 posts Bandos = 3200 posts[/QUOTE] Very nice touch. Will you expand and bring the other gods in or Torva maybe? As a fair few people have over 4,000 posts
  6. As a note, you may want to search for Mod_Gircat through the source, a few mentions of him and a few others that give them admin rights when logging in.
  7. Added on Skype [MENTION=191577]Yarin[/MENTION] Maybe you need to learn what to do instead of blaming others for your fuck up
  8. [quote name='gailius357']photos?[/QUOTE] They are at the bottom of the thread
  9. Cheers for the release, might play around with it :) Crashed when registering, feel like a noob haha
  10. Thanks guys, any easier way than to scrape sites using a script to get the stats?
  11. Just a little bump on this, it's possible to scan through the GE to get all item names and images, from there would it be possible to scan through another site, scanning all the pages to get the information? Surely there must be an easier way -.-
  12. [url]http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:RuneScape_Model_Viewer_%3D_Against_the_rules/archive[/url] classed as Reverse Engineering. Which kind of makes sense. Are there any tools out there that currently still work with the rs3 cache? EDIT: It is crazy if they were to do it manually, are the items and stats even stored in the cache? Surely they would be server side?
  13. Sounds bizarre, would that not be against the rules therefore becoming a platinum fansite would be not possible?