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  1. So I added some costums like lava , cyan and limewhip etc but the problem is when I atk a npc the whip doesn't attack the way like the normal whip. How do I make the costum whips atk the same way as normal whip? 317 Pi based
  2. Ow yea i found this but like PI based u need to fill in atk lvl def lvl and max hit and i dont wanna let nomad hit 1528 tbh wouldnt be fun for pvm' ers . Wanna hit him like 700 but the problem is he doesn't hit constant then :P Altough thanks for fast reply and atleast i can use the lifepts ;)
  3. Hello lads , I'm really trying to find the good strength of bosses but hard to find them. Finding the max hit isn't that hard but when i found max hit they don't hit constantly Could someone tell me their atk lvl def lvl and max hit of: Balance Elemental Nomad Bal'ak Avatar of Destruction
  4. I didn't code them but they had some buggs and I fixed them by try try try method but i really dont knoe how to fix fishing and by leeching you dont lear anything so if somebody could help me out i will really appreciate that.
  5. Please guys i need your help, Al skills fully work after some fixing except for fishing , if i fish on a spot @ skilling island the fish spot turns around to me but I don't start fishing If someone could help me i would really appreciate that , if u need any codes / files tell me I will post them.
  6. At the furnace it is: Player at object id: 3044 with item id:436 Pvp Desire(my ingame name) -actionbutton : 15146 Game saved for pvp desire (deregistred)pvpdesire At Anvil it is: Game saved for pvp desire (deregistred)pvpdesire Fishing: Jus''t cant fish dont say anything. Fletching: Game saved for pvp desire (deregistred)pvpdesire
  7. Im talking about fletching , u dc when fletching log in to bow , when u log in it made bow but ye annoying disconnect. Talking about smithing when using furnace it makes u disconnect and when using anvil it makes u disconnect. Also fishing just don't work it wont fish with a net. If u need any info about the skill files just tell me Help would be really appreciated ;)
  8. RicardoPa

    A lil question?

    How to add items to a shop I get it you go to shop.cfg and search for the shop u wanna add in it but when i add the item id and amount i can't run server anymore Can some1 answer my question and how to add a whip to shops for example PI based btw ;)
  9. RicardoPa

    What to do ?

    So i went to my friend (co owner) and wanted to host server here , at home it did work and there were 5 people online but now @ him i cant get it online. What i have to change so its online again ?
  10. lol if u can''t even do that give up
  11. RicardoPa

    [PI] Drops

    Just change the drops to whatever u want , compile and there u go