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  1. RsTweets is a new 474 server, with a good coder and a great & active community. We are trying to achieve 50 players be online at one time, EASY MONEY MAKING, you get a starter packet. ACTIVE WILDY. GODWARS, BARROWS, KBQ, FIGHT PITS. 27/7 UPTIME, LAGG FREE. WEBSITE: [url]www.rstweets.com[/url] WEBCLIENT: [url]http://rstweets.com/webclient.php[/url] FORUMS: [url]http://rstweets.com[/url] ALL CHAOTIC WEAPONS. ALL SPIRIT SHIELDS. VESTA'S LONGSWORD. PERFECT HYBRIDING. PLEASANT DROP RATES Vote every 24H to receive some extra items (worth 15M), you will also help the server to promote and grow in players. Allot of guides on the forums to help you out. Pk Features Perfect Dark bow special. Perfect switches for hybrids. Instant & Perfect barrage freeze/timer. Working auto cast on Players & Monsters. Godwars bosses. 100% Godsword special attacks. JOIN RsTweets PK & ECO SERVER, TODAY!