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  1. Hello, So I downloaded Rune-Vision RSPS source and client for PERSONAL use; I'm not planning making a profit off it. After setting it up, I managed to activate the server and open the client. However, despite adding my IP to the appropriate place in the client.java file of the client, I get "error connecting to server." I was told to add the IP to my server.java file in the src -> server folder of the source, but I cannot find anywhere to type it (There is no server= or no-ip or If anyone could please tell me what I'm doing wrong I'd greatly appreciate it; I'm new at this stuff and yeah... definitely need help. Thanks a lot :)
  2. Having trouble finding where to type my own IP in the server.java file of the source. Went through it and haven't found any text saying "no-up" or; is there anyone who can tell me where to write it so that I can connect to the server via client please?
  3. [quote name='squashy']search for no-ip or 0.0.0 until you find an ip, then just change it too yours[/QUOTE] I went through the whole server.java txt file I found. Unfortunately there no "no-ip" or present anywhere. What do you suggest I do? I have included the server.java as a text file by copying and pasting the full text of it.
  4. Does anyone know where I have to add my IP in the server.java of the source file please?
  5. [quote name='squashy']The port is (43594 and the Ip adress has to be either your IP or ( Too make them this go to your client.java or server.java in your Source file and change the ip too either yours or then do this in the client folder in client.java[/QUOTE] Hi, thanks for replying. I'm looking at the server.java file in the source. Where do I change the text to add my IP?
  6. Hello. So, I am a complete noob at this. After playing around with this for about 15 minutes I got the client loading. My problem is that it says "error connecting to server" when I try to log in. I'm using no-ip to host; I have the DUP active and I selected my host (my own IP). I read somewhere that I had to edit the "server =" part of the client.java text file in notepad. I tried filling it in as the name of the host I chose, when it didn't work I used the IP itself and, when that didn't work I used the port ( 43594). Neither of these have worked. I'm not sure what's wrong, but my gut feeling tells me it's that part of the client.java file that is the problem. NOTE: I have the source up and running. I have the cmd window open and it tells me runevision is running bla bla bla and that 0 players are on. Any help is greatly appreciated. EDIT: I noticed that when I click 'compile' in the source folder it tells me "Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations. Recompile with -Xclint:unchecked for details." I have no idea what this means; could it have something to do with my issue?