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  1. Each time I try to unpack and reunpack the serenity server and cache, it seems to run just fine, though at times it shows that some items were not loaded or what not. But It still says the server was launched after 5489ms or something. once I try to run the client, without changing anything, I runlocal.bat and it doesn't do anything but sit there, after a while, CMD comes up with error_game_js5connect or whatever, i've tried nearly everything in the forums that Xilis has given everyone, and nothing seems to work. I might end up needing some sort of 1-9 or something, step process in order to get this server working. Just looking to play runescape private server; offline, not host it for other people. The Kingj cache and source I downloaded earlier. So... can anyone provide help? Not trying to look like a noob, but sometimes you gotta just ask for help.
  2. There are some people who enjoy playing Runescape as much as anyone else, but would prefer to be able to play it, completely offline. No records, no nothing but the fact you won't have to have an internet connection just to play. I'll make a random guess and say that if ANYONE has yet created a source and client that would provide for a full game of runescape including skilling, NPCs, quests, and everything else as you'd find in the online version, then they wouldn't release it to the public, they'd rather keep it to themselves and post it as a "private server" in order to have other people connect to them.. Surely someone must have a full based offline server in which can be downloaded to play runescape, full, offline, yes?
  3. Anyone reupload the cache1 yet?
  4. Keep working well on it. I'm absolutely sure when this server, if its still released to the public, a LOT of people will be happy about being able to play the full version of runescape offline. so PLEASE, if there is anyone out there who wishes to help contribute and make a full version of true runescape, unmodded, to be playable offline.
  5. *BUMP* This link needs to be respored! Tired of waiting for a good RS private server and client! PLEASE HURRY!