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  1. [quote name='Ryan']719 is the highest it goes. the revision is whatever runescape is currently at[/QUOTE] 753? 752?
  2. [quote name='Divine-X']7MB/s for download speed is pretty good though.. So I'm confused on what you're trying to say..with 7MB/s you most likely can download 670mb within 3mins.[/QUOTE] Depends on upload speed. Yet again, just an example.
  3. Mod Script

    Azureify 2007

    What computer theme are you using? :D Ontopic - Looks really nice :)
  4. [quote name='Hope']Not really...[/QUOTE] So if I have low speed Internet with 7MB download speed, I can download your cache in 3 minutes? I'm not saying it's impossible but you saying "Average of 3 minutes" , is preposterous.
  5. Bump. Added updates!
  6. [quote name='Hope']My cache is like 670mb.. Only takes about an average of 3 minutes to download for players.[/QUOTE] What a troll.
  7. [quote name='Nighthawk123']server or advertisment format? server is actually very nice and not that messy. the home has every shop you need, then npcs opposite side. altars are close by each other, perfect teleporting, which i will update right now.[/QUOTE] Just because something is convenient, doesn't mean it's clean. Just looks very disorganized and the custom tab icons are godawful.
  8. Added more screenshots and updates! :)
  9. Sir, this is one question. Also, you can just YouTube "How to portforward"
  10. Updated Thread! New Updates. Still more to come.