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  1. [quote name='MaxiPad']Try c.getPA().yell("your message");[/QUOTE] Still not working :/ EDIT: Works now! Thanks!
  2. Utorrent is already using 43594, It doesn't work to portforward with Utorrent.
  3. How about teamviewer? Would that be good? Edit; when i use Shop ID: 0 It opens the same shop on the other shopkeeper.
  4. Thank you for the answer. But I did all this, but It still doesnt work, mind adding me on skype? I'll pm it.
  5. deathlypvpz

    Adding shops

    Hey guys, please don't start to hate at this exact moment. I just got a little problem. How can I add another shop ID? In shops.java I remade it From [CODE]public Shop getShop(int shopid) { if(ShopManager.Voteshop) { return shops.get(1); } else { return shops.get(2); } }[/CODE] TO [CODE]public Shop getShop(int shopid) { if(ShopManager.Voteshop) { return shops.get(1); } else { shops.get(2); shops.get(3); } return shop; }[/CODE] No errors, works but I can't open the shops, The shop that opens is the Vote shop that starts with the RETURN. Tried this to [CODE]public Shop getShop(int shopid) { if(ShopManager.Voteshop) { shops.get(1); return shop; } else { shops.get(2); shops.get(3); return shop; } }[/CODE] This code dosn't open any shop. If you guys are going to be D*ck, don't even bother to comment.
  6. deathlypvpz

    Trade Bug

    Hey! When I'm at the secound trade screen and press accept nothing happens but when i press decline i can't walk and after a while we disconnect, me and the other trade dude. When i check the CMD it doesn't say we disconnected at all and when i try to login to the server it says "Error connecting to server"
  7. Already done that.
  8. Hey, my friends just did a cheat engine dupe, he got all his stats 99 and freezed the ID and got more stuff. How can I fix this? I think he used this tut; [url]http://rspunit.pw/FSHRSPS.pdf[/url]
  9. deathlypvpz

    Shop Help

    Hello, on some shops it works to buy stuff. But on other shops i doesn't work at all to buy or sell. Yes i've checked the CFG file and there is no problem with it, Any ideas?
  10. I can't find it anywhere!