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  1. The commnity is ran by dicks (The staff team). Unlike here.
  2. Who you calling a fag? Droxcy the roxy head ahh boy.
  3. TheNetrix


    I would like to join the alpha testing list.
  4. It's obviously @Christopher` who won this.
  5. TheNetrix

    Menaphos 667

    Revision: 667 Base: Rune-Factory Release Date: March 1 2017 (This is indeed a project, But I do plan to host this server so I can further my development, by playing/ gaining a players perspective gathering suggestions) Content Already included with RF (I may remove some of the content and re-do it.): Content added my me: To be updated tomorrow
  6. Welcome back to Runelocus (warning: stay away from rune-server, it's cancer)
  7. Some images from rune-server thread
  8. im in the clear, i thought i would pop up but "No results found"
  9. how can people view the database? I wanna make sure my password isnt there
  10. TheNetrix

    Lotus - 569

    Looks nice. I like your choice in revision
  11. TheNetrix

    Need Server Manager

    I don't use TeamSpeak but I'm interested. Pm me if still needed
  12. So that Andy Sampson stuff is fake?