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  1. Can you put up a step by step guide to getting this online? I'd love to get my friends on to play with me because I love this source and all the work you did on it. It's honestly my favorite to play around with, but I've followed guides on getting it online and none of them are working for me. Especially during the part where you have to change the IP. A lot of guides say to change it in the client.java file, however there's nothing in it to change the IP. Then I tried in the loader.java file and I found where to change the IP and I've changed it to my no-ip.org link but it still isn't working. Any tips?
  2. I've set up my own server and I'm trying to get my friends online. I've created a no-ip, portforwarded, change the ip in my Loader class to my ip. What do I have to send to my friends to get them to be able to connect to my server? I've tried to send them a .jar and .bat of the client that came with what I downloaded but it's not working for whatever reason. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  3. How do you edit character files, for example, making yourself Admin etc. All of the character saves are .p files and I have no idea how they work. I've been reading up and people are saying you need to change things "through the server" but I'm not sure what that means at all. Any sort of help would be awesome. P.S: Great release, I love it. There were certainly some issues like changing the 1 to a 420 but I'm not one to judge as I extremely new to this so this seems awesome to me regardless.
  4. Just downloaded it. Everything is really awesome except there are two different run.bat in the source folder and I'm not sure which one I should be running. When I run the outtermost one, everything works fine but when I run the one in the Data folder within Source, I get an error dealing with the checkBanks method in Dexter.java and I'm not sure how exactly to fix it. My errors are saying "java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "2 " and I see nothing that deals with any input strings in the checkBanks method.
  5. Every time I download someone's source and client and then make some changes (add npc's, shops etc) and then try to compile with the compiler given in the folders, I get an error message saying "The system can not find the path specified, press any key to continue" I've edited the compilers according to my version of JDK thinking that would help but it doesn't. Does anyone know of how I could fix this or have any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.