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  1. This looks like mentios with a different name...
  2. [quote name='2 hard 2 pk']Why can't I see the Links? D: Please someone help.[/QUOTE] y did u do dat
  3. So you add every weapon to the store and you're still able to say it's an economy server?
  4. I like how the majority of the comments opposing gay rights have some sort of insult sewn into them, which is just reinforcing the fact that they don't believe their ideas can stand on their own.
  5. Oh lord! What have you done!
  6. [quote name='francisnijim']of course i did / added dice 100% work , and fixed the quick prayer , and also granite maul spec fixed.[/QUOTE] Oh my!
  7. Ya'll aren't nice.
  8. Add a link to your website. Reorganize your thread, I suggest looking at a guide. Your pictures are useless, show features that matter, not skills and a shop.
  9. The rainbow phat made me cringe
  10. [quote name='MilkAndCookies']No, Most people who play rsps becasue there real rs careers were bad, people do it becasue they can be maxed in 1 day, be rich in 2, and be moderator in 10.[/QUOTE] Funny thing is that I know alot of near maxed players who play private servers.
  11. Looks interesting, glad to see duel tournaments! Only negative thing I would say is that your zombie minigame looks like a copy of Battle-scapes minigame.