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  1. Please come and try out my new server. Vortex Online VPS so Online 24/7 Staff spots avaliable if you find any bugs please report them to owner (Marky) and you will receive a prize. we have a website and webclient but arnt complete yet. [url]www.vortex-rsps.co.uk[/url] to play webclient you need to put java to medium risk. for some reason. you can download client from website. please come and play =) pictures to upload soon
  2. Marky7z

    Need help :L

    add me on skype: Marky7z
  3. add me on skype Marky7z
  4. can someone end me a robin hood hat model and INTS please as my servers robin hood hat is glitched and want to fix it ASAP
  5. i cant seem to get the auto cache download to work for webclients. could someone help me please
  6. need help with save game button. i have Save Game on the quest tab but when i click on it it doesnt save my progress and i dont have the code or know were to put the code. can someone please help me this once? really need help add me on skype: Marky7z
  7. Marky7z

    Website for RSPS

    does any1 remember the website people used to have there websites on its abit like this one. you had to like code the website its like java coding the website. if anyone remembers please send me the link plz