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  1. You should not claim you made something you did not. This is a King Fox template.
  2. Good stuff! One thing that struck me was the header background for the Nos Coin Light design. I don't know, it just sticks out like a sore thumb to me and the busy background pattern kinda makes the hard complicated to read. Still though, love these, and it's been awesome watching your skill set grow over the years.
  3. Chancee

    Server Logos

    People keep coming to me for logos, I enjoyed creating them. Here they are.
  4. Thanks for all you've done! I never communicated with you directly, but I could tell how much work you put into RuneLocus over the years!
  5. I know this is now a month old, but considering it's the last update I think it's safe to make a comment. Kewl stuff. Would definitely want a separate naming system, maybe go from your melee armors and turn the rep system into certain NPCs. Start out as Chicken work your way up to Vorago or somethin'
  6. We've added a baller point system for those seriously OP items! Minigun, DBZ helm (for those who want to go super saiyan), and the most powerful sword ingame, the Sword of Resurrection. Come join us today! We have truly exclusive customs on this server!
  7. Those are some awesome prices, my man. I may be asking for your services sometime soon.
  8. While that's true, your mockup doesn't present an accurate sizing to your showcase. If I were to view your mockup on my screen, your header takes up half the height in itself. Your width isn't the concern, but instead, your heights. Your buttons also really large. All of this can be fixed very simply on the developer's end, that's very true, but if you present your mockup, it needs to be in accurate representation of your developed outcome.
  9. Not very proud, but it's an entry.
  10. Your resolution is a bit high for a web design, it's giving me a feel of a Mobile app mixed with a web design. Sizing is extremely important with this. As for the actual design, not too shabby!
  11. ManicPS has made a lot of changes these past few days! We've rebranded with a brand new logo, still undergoing revisions. We now have a brand new web site design. We also have our very own custom forum theme. As for server updates, we have released Iron man mode and began transitioning some more custom aspects into the server, which are completely exclusive to our server. Come check us out!
  12. God I keep getting distracted. Will make it ASAP today!
  13. ManicPS has a new site now live. A lot of updates to come! Jump ingame and see what all the hype is about!
  14. I've joined the team. Our forums have been upgraded and the future is being planned for! So much is to come!
  15. @Droxcy gmv. Unique Style. Gorillaz also lyfe.
  16. Topic is a little old, but since it was already dug up.. UI/UX is exactly what I do best, and what I do for a living myself! I feel like I would need to see you do a little bit more UI design before I can comment on your ability towards your goal. Your tag work is really nice, but the main thing I would criticise you over is your compositions as a whole as of lately. You have some older pieces that seem to tell a slight story, but lately i havent been able to make out a lot of what the design is. I feel like that could translate harshly in the UI world. Perhaps mockup an app design for starters? One major thing with UX is, the simpler the better. It's for the users. It needs to be appealing but also very easy to navigate, and the type of designing you've done so far is on the opposite spectrum - not a bad thing! Great designs, but those type of designs do not translate to the same skill whatsoever when it comes to UI/UX. Peep the web sites like Apple, Microsoft, etc. Are those designs hard to replicate in Photoshop? Hell no - you and I both know that. But those web sites are appealing... they're user-friendly, and that's what matters with this field. I'm sorry for going onto a whole book, but it's intriguing to see aspiring designers, because a few years ago I was in the same situation as you. So my tip to you would be: make an app mockup, use web sites like dribbble to draw innovation. The work you're showing thus far is that of a graphic designer, not a UI designer, so I'm unsure how to rate you until I see some UI work.
  17. Chancee

    SOTM May

    im not very proud at all, but i did SOMETHING.
  18. Chancee

    SOTM May

    Will be entering ASAP. Finishing up some client work currently.
  19. Chancee

    SOTM May

    Question: We can use a separate render still, as long as it pertains to Guardians of the Galaxy, yes?
  20. Sure I'll take the award cuz im empty right now. Lol.
  21. From now on I'm going to work on larger canvas's I guess.. Haha. Things have changed from 2010 when I stopped *actively* making signatures
  22. I appreciate it. There are several areas I wish I could've executed better, but it's been too long. Lol. Hoping to get back into the hobbyist side of designing.
  23. Started in 2007 on a Tactics Arena forum. Started out with Signatures and Photoshop CS2. Then i gradually moved onto RSPS doing it, then I started web design, and coding.. it's been a constant improvement and expansion since. It's my career now, so it's crazy to think gaming in 7th grade put me on to find my career in life.