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  1. [quote name='Serenex474']Thanks guys. Server started to grown on this week, and a lot of updates are made! Come and start your adventure![/QUOTE] Growing....
  2. How do I add this or change this on my server. The most someone can buy is 10 and the most someone can sell is 1. Please help me!
  3. Is there a snippet or anyway I can make it so players that have just logged in for their first time, can not drop or trade? If you know of a snippet, please post it! Thankyou in advance.
  4. [quote name='jaide']oh um well u have to search bar for it[/QUOTE] ... that wasn't very helpful. Also, I have already done that.
  5. [quote name='jaide']what u mean disabling drooping and trading for new users u mean like forever or just for 15mins?[/QUOTE] Just like 15 minutes, sorry I forgot to add that part.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a snippet for this? I appreciate it very much!
  7. Thanks you for the positive comments!!
  8. Bump!!! Join today, daily updates,
  9. We just made huge update to the server, it is now 10X better!
  10. By far one of the greatest communties I have ever been a part of. The staff is awesome, the players are cool, everyone gets along and the things you can do are endless. I highly recommend dropping in. You will not regret it!
  11. For GTL Vote, I have configured everything as I should. I allowed Remote SQL Connection to my VPS. I changed the SQL information in "server.java" to the SQL information used in the GTL Script. All other coding was configured right. I am not sure why I am still not connecting.. This is the errors I get. Error connection to the database. Errors are on run.bat, not in compile
  12. I have it all set up... All links, remote sql, everything server side and when anyone votes on links, it just says "Please Vote On All Links". Not sure if anyone knows of this issue, but any help would be greatful! [url]http://serenexreborn.com/vote[/url]
  13. Netflix no doubt. Actually starting to add good stuff too