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  1. hmm thats awfully true, but making a .sh file from a .bat file is possible in less than 30sec's
  2. why windows xp? any version of linux uses less ram, is free, runs more stable and is way more faster.
  3. ive got a vps with quad core 2,2ghz & 8gb's of ram. i have no idea what to do with it so, i think i can help you out. te vps is mine untill 24th may. contact me on skype if you want -> tijny4life (please note in the request you're from runelocus if you send one)
  4. if you still need someone, add me on skype -> tijny4life
  5. hey dark, i think we can work something out. add me on skype -> tijny4life
  6. hmmm i think i can, add me on skype!
  7. hey, its been a long time since i've been here. but today i bought an vps (only for one month atm) and i totaly got no idea what to do with it. so i tought, i should post it here to help someone out. vps is running ubuntu 12.04 server with quadcore 2.2ghz, 8gb ram, 300gb disk space and over 10TB of bandwidth. and i also wanna play around a little in a server, and maybe help around some things. server is strong enough to host multiple server but i only got 1 ip adress, so its only one server each port. ofcourse i wont do it for totaly free cuz i need a little of my money back. ( if you've got a nice project i would consider something else ) if you are interested please contact me on skype -> tijny4life im not going to get in to direct messaging on the forums here. srry for my el cheapo english. im kinda tired. en voorkeur gaat natuurlijk naar een nederlander :) greetings, martijn
  8. i dont know SVN or GIT, i always used ubuntu one for important files and dropbox for school files,
  9. hey, its been a long time since i was online but i decided to get back to some coding:) sometime i see people losing al their data, or servers that crash and lose al their character files.. and ofcourse thats not something u want.. at first; im just doing this for people that dont know this yet, and i dont know if this is posted before or this is the right section. but i guess it will be moved if its not allowed here. so this is the trick, there are some programs that automaticly safes your files online if you update them ( like when a safefile gets saved the program will upload them to your private space online.) one of these programs is dropbox, verry much people are using it, you can share youre files with as many pc's as you want and u get up to 2gb storage room. another program ( wich i prefer) is Ubuntu one. ubuntu one has faster servers, and you get 5gb of free storage. ubuntu one only runs when you update a file, while dropbox is always buzzy checking & updating so ubuntu one uses less bandwidth dropbox: on their official site there is a whole tutorial how it works, just instal the client and share your server files with youre dropbox account. dropbox is available on windows, linux, mac, android and Ios. ubuntu one: ubuntu one is also available for windows, linux, mac, android and Ios. on the ubuntu one site there isn't a tutorial how it works but it's pretty easy, first of al you register then you download the client for your operation system. you install the client and login with your account. on the next page you get to choose wich folders you want to share with Ubuntu one, and they get automaticly updated. i hope i'm helping atleast someone with this tutorial. i didn't gave any site adresses because i dont want to advertise, just google dropbox or ubuntu one dont flame & dont hate on my english plz.
  10. @billy ther is nothing easyer than portforwarding on netgear router! @zykev2 you said it takes like 5minz but i only need like 30sec
  11. you need to start no-ip only the first time, after you created a new host, !but you dont have to start it every time when you are putting server online!
  12. Omg can someone do aomething about this troll noob?
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    anyone? help me please?