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  1. There are these few random crates right in the middle of my home. Where do I delete these and how? I have searched the coords and could not find. I am a decent coder but this just isn't my area.
  2. Okay, so I have been working on a server locally for a while, I went to put it online so I can get testers and start getting a player base. Whenever I port forward and everything it just says "Client Loading 0%" on all my testers computers. I have no idea what is going wrong if you need more info to help me or Team View etc. please pm me asap.
  3. Simple fix [code]case 652[COLOR="#FF0000"]7[/COLOR]: // - Forgetful - Fixed Obby Maul ID: 6527 not 6528 c.strengthLevelReq = 60; return;[/code]
  4. Simply setup your path to fix your compiler and for your server to be able to connect you are gonna have to portforward... [code]Start > CMD > ipconfig[/code] Paste subnet gateway into URL bar and go. Once there you should be met with a control panel go to Firewall or ports or something along those lines and add a new exception. [code]Port: 43594 MAKE SURE YOU DO BOTH UDP AND TCP[/code] Run your server then go to [url]http://www.canyouseeme.org[/url] and enter your port if it says succes then continue.(It may take a second) Once you are done head on over to [url]http://www.no-ip.org[/url] make an account log in add a host. Name it yournamehere.no-ip.org Leave other settings alone and then go to your client and search "IP" find Lobby_IP or something along those lines may have or another no-ip in quoatations. Replace this with the no-ip address you just made. Compile then Run if you still have issues then I don't know can't help without being able to see. P.S. Feel special you got you're on tutorial.
  5. Forgetful

    Why cant

    Yea I think this is wrong section, and I don't think Mac is jar compatible.
  6. Maybe look in your commands or learn how to use that thing called a brain, to find it.
  7. I suppose but the cache is a pain, when you don't have a 718 cache editor. Like me, but yea I do agree 317's are a little more setup client sided.
  8. It may be "root" or something other than "home" by the way. This is why I pmed you.
  9. Forget the above do [code]cd /home/YOURFOLDERNAMEHERE[/code] Now type (Sets permissions for server etc.) [code]chmod 777 run.sh [/code] Now to run [code]sh run.sh[/code] Hope this works this is last idea of mine.
  10. I don't know what revision you are on or if you have installed java on your VPS. Tell me if you have or have not installed java, and your revision if the below does not work. Thanks Do command [CODE]cd FOLDERNAMEHERE[/code] Then use [code]java -Xmx800m -classpath bin:deps/poi.jar:deps/mysql.jar:deps/mina.jar:deps/slf4j.jar:deps/slf4j-nop.jar:deps/jython.jar:log4j-1.2.15.jar: server.Server[/code]
  11. If you are new to coding and aren't a really fast learner I suggest a 317. The higher the revision the more complex it is to code.
  12. Magnificent tool [url]http://www.google.com[/url] tons of tutorials. You obviously don't need to be getting donations if you ask this.
  13. Make sure your right java set up in your compiler/run.bat and that you have no errors. The picture is really hard to see. I recommend use eclipse a Java IDE to find your problem if you have any. Hope this helps.