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  1. Download link Website Discord GoldScape is a very small community and wanting to expand. The server aims is to grow and have a player suggestion where players can suggest ideas to add/change to the server to make it better. With the help of experienced players can make this server better and run more smoothly. Features: Skills: 25 skills from Attack to Dungeoneering are working Divination is available to train up and use Construction POH 95% Working Minigames: The RuneSpan 99.9% Fully working Barrows Warriors Guild Crucible Fight Caves Fight Kiln Dominion Tower Clan Wars Castle Wars Troll Invasion Duel Arena Sorceress' Garden Godwars Dungeon Livid Farm + More Skilling locations scattered Across the map + some at the home location Bosses/combat training ranging from low levels to high levels Popular PvP areas Working GE Triva Questions Prestige System Skill Capes + Master Skill Capes Highscores for those who are competive Media Images Credits to Stieno for the base source and client