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  1. NClicker Download: https://mega.nz/#!DgpmxQzA!w_6c9Mho8FM4jbbz6SdiKg31sN5q2Zan_pVofQ6NGlU Source Code (Visual Studio 2019 or 2017 required as this is written in C#) : https://mega.nz/#!q8xE1QbD!tDtGqDhxhCRRxPZXLizk-uCuUuj7oRtlwW8gXL0O3pI I made a new account to OSRS and I am way too lazy to legit get 99 mage and range so I made an auto clicker with the functionality for click randomization so the delay is not always the same, since Gary's hood auto clicker didn't have it. This is a handy tool for alching or auto clicking cannon etc. The package comes with an executable file which is the app itself, this is a C# WPF application which uses win32 API so it does not run with Linux or Mac. VirusTotal Check:
  2. PokeBuddy Website: PokeBuddy PokeBuddy Community Forum: Forums - PokeBuddy PokeOne Download: PokéOne - Free 3D Pokémon MMORPG PokeBuddy Cheat Controls: http://pokebuddy.org/forum/index.php?/topic/14-current-pokebuddy-controls-hotkeys/&tab=comments#comment-16 What is PokeBuddy? PokeBuddy is a user-friendly cheating software that is made for PokeOne MMO. You must have PokeOne installed on the default path before using this. You can download it here: PokéOne - Free 3D Pokémon MMORPG Is it safe to use this? Cheating in ANY game is NEVER safe please keep that in mind, while using our software however we do aim for user's safety and all of our cheats are heavily being tested to be undetectable before put to public. Discover PokeBuddy has a lot of useful information at it's community forums. You can visit them here: Forums - PokeBuddy Media Section
  3. Added Game Update - U.S: 8-15-2018 | EU 15.8.2018 - Gathering system!
  4. Added Game Update - U.S: 8-14-2018 | EU 14.8.2018
  5. Unfortunately not yet, but one will be made! And thank you!
  6. Hello there, dear viewer! Welcome to the Foxpaw's development topic! I have been now constantly programming a brand new mobile game that i'm planning to release first on beta for Android devices. And planning to dump here some of the development progress! Let's start by what we have already: Also note that some of the updates & media seen here is in heavy development and could be fully changed in the future! Frequently asked questions Question: When will the game release? - Answer: I have not set on stone the release date but if the development keeps going in this pace it's safe to say 3-4 months. Question: Will this be a multiplayer mobile game? - Answer: It is a possibility, however the game will be launched as a local RPG game but it is not impossible to setup multiplayer. Question: What language has this game been programmed with? - Answer: C# Also known as 'C Sharp' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_Sharp_(programming_language) Question: What is the game engine being used for this game? - Answer: Unity 5 Question: How big is the development team? - Answer: The team is a one man legion which includes me! Question: Do you create the game assets yourself? - Answer: Some, the ones I don't cuts off incredible amounts of the development time. However most are free assets and paid assets and some are built up from the ground by me. Question: Will it be 'pay-to-win'? - Answer: Not really, but it will have a monetization with a free-to-play business model. I have to pay for my coffees somehow after all! Question: Can I get a beta key? - Answer: Every RuneLocus member will be able to get a beta key. Question: Will there be only one character to play? - Answer: No. There will be two characters which are foxes and you get to pick male or either female. Question: Is there going to be a discord server & how can I keep up with the game updates? - Answer: There will be a discord server, however I haven't made it yet, I will notify once it has been created. The updates currently can be seen only here. Questions about this game are also more than welcome in the topic's comment section so feel free to ask anything. Foxpaw's Update Log (Order: latest update spoilers are on top) Game Update - U.S: 8-15-2018 | EU 15.8.2018 - Gathering system! Game Update - U.S: 8-14-2018 | EU 14.8.2018 Basic content currently IN the game (will add more in future because I definitely have forget some while writing this topic up! ) Action combat system Scaled level system with experience NPC Combat AI - Still a total construction site but definitely getting there Hitpoints for both NPC and player including updating in the UI Basic attack mechanics for player Item database Item Editor Functional inventory with dragging items JSON Shops with encryption & decryption (still needs the UI part but programming-wise complete) Player data saving with encryption & decryption Musics & Audio effects Item tooltips (needs still little work when it comes to sending correct buttons for each items but almost completed) Combat abilities (entire combat system supports it aswell) Ability tooltips for each ability Battle selection screen --Media section-- Menu & Menu interfaces Main menu Abilities & Ability equipment Backpack / Inventory Options (basic game configuration) - Needs still a lot work but a base is a base! "In-Game" The combat system exists already and I must say that the sound & particle effects are definitely doing their trick, because it already feels very impactful at this such an early stage of development. Item Database editor Gyazo GIF media (short videos) Overall menu: Combat - the yellow text is crit I obviously manipulated the crit rate very high haha. If you have read this all I want to thank you for your time and hope you have found this interesting and even maybe planning to join to the beta. Comments and questions are very welcome to this topic so feel free to!
  7. Today just more adding/changing on the launcher nothing special so I won't update topic today.
  8. Enso's Community Discord: https://discord.gg/NDnNjVk Why is the project restarted? I Kinda never went out with the full potential with this so it makes me extremely curious to find out whats up ahead with the future of the server, I have spent tons of time working on this over time. It will be interesting to find out how it will run when released. Enso has been actually hosted a few times before, with a a bad end. I spent most of my time just coding instead of advertising, after all it was always quite difficult to do everything yourself since I used to have trust issues with people. (management, programming, bug hot-fixes, dealing with players). When Enso gets re-launched it will have it's own little dedicated team for all those following perspectives. Release Date U.S Date: 5/12/2018 Europe Date: 12.5.2018 History of Enso / Fuzenseth After my trust on others constantly being let down I came to the conclusion to close Enso back in 2015-2016. As years have passed (8-9 years) my programming private servers knowledge came to the state to actually start my own game developement, which I did! I built my first game with Unity 3D called "Asteral Online" - a MMORPG. Not long after I started working on my mobile game which I dropped later on due to IRL circumistances. I'll add some pictures of the MMORPG game I worked on with the Unity 5 Game engine if someone is curious Game Updates / Changes 4/14/2018 - Enso Updater/Launcher C# (1) 4/14/2018 - Lava Flow Mine changes (2)