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  1. Never, but I can't say that i've gotten any 99s with it. Only afked cannon and alched with it. Got around 90 mage and range with no issues whatsoever.~
  2. Updates as of (12.262019) - NClicker 1.05 Swapped service map and storage map to AutoFac IoC. - https://autofac.org/ Migrated all services to use IoC. Converted ALL commands to have their own get property, due to language standards. The entire commands dictionary is now removed from use. Added github for source code. Added Azure Pipelines Added Codecy code reviews for version control.
  3. Updates as of (12.22.2019) - NClicker 1.0 Added MaterialDesign UI for nice visuals. Improved code logic a lot. Added a new feature: Block input upon press of F1/F2 - this was added so let's say you are for example in browser they key wouldnt open help tab on chrome browser. Added a new feature: Presets - Users can now have names and unique settings with presets. Presets can be reseted and removed. Added a local storage due to presets, they must be saved somewhere after all. I decided to use LiteDb with a custom mapper of mine that maps object keys/values with a single line of code for me. Updated license to Apache 2.0 GNU. Added a new feature: Randomization of seconds and milliseconds can now be set by user instead of a fixed rate. Thanks to @StevenAbraham for this idea. Fixed various start bugs, such as having zero values for seconds and milliseconds, in this particular case the user would be notified of having invalid values. Changed the MS installer to Inno Software Installer, windows smart screen can still block the install you can safely still continue. It is due I don't want to pay 100€ for a 1 year signing certificate. Added a donation page to the top menu. The download link is now updated to latest NClicker installer. Media
  4. Github (Source code): https://github.com/Buryyy/NClicker NClicker Download: https://mega.nz/#!mgZHFaZb!fyIMnMPEbbtY80Yo_BQgbT1AuIm7OYlulBGdEmsOGO0 I made a new account to OSRS and I am way too lazy to legit get 99 mage and range so I made an auto clicker with the functionality for click randomization so the delay is not always the same, since Gary's hood auto clicker didn't have it. This is a handy tool for alching or auto clicking cannon etc. The package comes with an executable file which is the app itself, this is a C# WPF application which uses win32 API so it does not run with Linux or Mac. You can now add custom presets! VirusTotal Check:
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    Added Game Update - U.S: 8-15-2018 | EU 15.8.2018 - Gathering system!
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    Added Game Update - U.S: 8-14-2018 | EU 14.8.2018
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    Today just more adding/changing on the launcher nothing special so I won't update topic today.