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  1. cojak2220

    Odd error

    Ever since November of 2012 any private server I try to play that is not 525+ seems to have issues loading, I can get it to load and login but It won't load any frames it never updates them unless I open and close the client then It updates to the current frame and I have to keep doing that, makes it completely unplayable, does anyone have a clue why it is doing this?
  2. Yea, I know. Some of those remakes though arn't always legit either, people like their damn prod items :/
  3. I've looked around and I have noticed an absolutely severe lack of classic 508-525 servers, and any that I see have a torva and all that crap which is not CLASSIC at all. I'm hoping someday someone will be able to make another 508-525 or just plain 525 server. 525's were my main server type and probably still are, but that don't exsist anymore, I know how hard it was to code some of them too, but man I miss em. Jcscape was a great one, anyone else agree? Anyway, Want I want to see is people talking about the possibility of a new 508-525 server that may be classic for once, but speaking about how they were back then is also nice because it may attract more attention and potentially bring back old memorys.