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  1. Yeah, I'm new at this. Thanks for the wishes. I'm learning a lot just by researching on Google, Youtube, and here (RuneLocus.)
  2. I'm working on my own RSPS. [COLOR="#FF0000"](DISCLAIMER!)--> I did not make Runescape or the client/source! All credit goes to original Runescape, and the maker of the Client/Source I'm using! The Client/Source I'm using is: (Renegadepkz v3.1.)[/COLOR] I'm just touching it up a bit. I'm not doing this all by myself, I'm just putting in the codes of things I want to add that I find on Youtube and Google. All the credit is to all those who found out the codes to make things do certain stuff, like make NPC's walk, and all that. Without them tutorials I wouldn't be doing this. This for me is just for fun, and will NOT be released to the public to play on. Working on: [COLOR="#FFA500"]Add Barbarian NPCs to Barbarian Village. Add more NPCs to Lumbridge. Fix "Home" teleport name and description. Add character's names to autospawn list for organization and know who is what. Clear out Varrock Square, and add correct NPCs. Add Banker NPCs to Varrock Bank(s). Fix fishing spot in Tutorial Island. Add items to Barbarian NPCs. Increase health and damage to some NPCs.[/COLOR] [ATTACH=CONFIG]7303[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]7304[/ATTACH] lolking Achievements [COLOR="#0000FF"]Can spawn NPCs. Got NPCs to walk. Got NPCs to drop items I tell coded them to drop. Got Music playing. (But it goes on a loop and I can't turn it off unless I close client, so still working on it.) Can now change spawn location. (I set it to Tutorials Island.) Fixed/fixing teleport locations for the teleportation spells Changed the name of spells to their correct name and definition. Got doors to open and close correctly. (Still having some issues with double-doors, and fence-gates.) Change name of *Client. Get rid of objects that are in the wrong area, like a Bank Booths in the middle of Varrock square, etc... Got rid of NPC's in their wrong location.[/COLOR] --Still editing and organizing this so it may change more in the future.^ --Still working on putting NPCs in their location I think they belong, and lots more! Credit: The Original Runescape. The maker of Renegadepkz v3.1. All the people who have published tutorials of editing RSPS's on Youtube and Google. RuneLocus.