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  2. Yeah this game isn't very big graphics wise, as in It has like 30 buildings which do not move, and no visual troops, its all just a strategic mathematical game in which you build buildings, such as Hq, Resource buildings, Military buildings, and well yeah they dont move and or change color or shape on upgrade, but they do increase in capacity of troops and include a Tech Facility which allows for a more advanced troop to be trained. Now for the second part, it is a MMBSG( Massive Multiplayer Strategical Based Game) Massive as in the map is really big, it extends rightnow at a 3000x3000 pixel area but it will actually increase to a larger area very soon. it will extend to a 15000 x 15000 pixel area which isn't that big but i was planning on a twice as large area which will have atleast 50 players at a time, but ofcourse like every other game it will actually only have like 10 daily a month etc... Altho the game has to be webbrowser enabled, so you can play it on the browser, also must have MYSQL Intregration.
  3. you need to look at vary tutorials not just one, and before you do start coding i suggest you learn the basics of java, in client/server/networking because you will need it if you want to accomplish something great!
  4. 0okokokokoko chill out guys.... I didn't see that sneaky wrote another comment, listen to this now.... i did not read what he put first becuase i didnt know it was him.... i didnt see the same picture when i passed it so clearly i am sorry.... Sneaky i am sorry because i disrespected you beacuse i thougth you hadn't posted anything before, altho I did not say Flash is clearly just ActionScript... I know there are alot of things you can do with ActionScript.... and c++ isn't for begginners, it just depends on the code your actually writing because yesss i have used Python before but i dont have much experience in it as i do in Java, C++, C, ActionScript, Html, Html5, Css, JavaScript.... Thats why i was wonder and really you only have to be an expert in one language to know most of them.... I know its not the same syntax but most follow similar ones and the libraries are different and they interact differently but as in an actual code they all are simliar in very many ways.... I'm sorry once again i didn't mean to start this huge war agains eachother... like i said before it was a mistake of me not to have seen the message you posted recommending Python, and well The game i am making is non - Graphical.... Well ofcourse it is you know all have to otherwise its not a game, but more of a questionair... but here is the game description. You start out with a certain amount of cash, this cash is used to purchase buildings, troops, vehicles, or building upgrades... Now you have several things in these buildings, some gain revenue for you and some gain energy, minerals, oil, etc... which other players can create barracks to and attack you... if you understand where im giong its pretty much a build an empire game with complex mathematical equations..... What i was doing is putting in the systems the mouseListener like said in Java and start implementing the actual game math that is required, i have most of the source done, but without actual graphics such as tiles which show figures, like buildings, then i can't make a game screen yet. I just want to be able to look for a code that is best compatible with a multi mathematical equation running engine and by multiple i mean thousands of calculations in minutes or seconds and i know most can do that but once a thousand connections are actually transfering data, the server will start to lag, and i want to know what kind of Language is the best for this, because i'm not trying to make a single player but and overall networking base game that works with mySQL to save military troops in and bases and even map upgrades and buildings..
  5. previous work added guys, not much but i think its good for now
  6. erase that ip right now!!! lol take it off well thnig is that its not just one file you have to check where your error is and you will find out eventually but i cant tell you without looking at the source, try getting a source that works together with a client and a source and learn how to connect to local host because the client has to be set on127.0.0.1 or you wont connect, because nothign can connect to itself....
  7. you can't just run the client, an rsps is 2 sided, Clientside and server side. Client has to connect to a network through and rsps port, which is setup in a server side code. Which is where you edit everything for an rsps to work. Otherwise your working with none playable client side functions. And if that RSPS is doing that with the server and client side turned on, then there is a problem with the client connecting to the client... in which you have to do more then just run a server.
  8. [quote name='Sneakyhearts']flash isn't a programming language. ActionScript is, nice input from someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.[/QUOTE] Hahaha [MENTION=166058]Sneakyhearts[/MENTION] get the hell out of here! if your not going to post anything about the actual thread then go bother someone else...... your one of those annoying people who think they can outsmart a person but you don't know half of it, he might not know that ActionScript is Flash, but he ment the actual platform Flash, BECAUSE IF YOU DIDNT KNOW, FLASH IS ACTIONSCRIPT ALONG WITH ALL THE GRAPHICAL INPUTS AND OUTPUTS....... so seriously go feed your dogs more of your brain because thats what it seems like your doing. [quote name='Triangle']Java with JIT can outperform C++[/QUOTE] [MENTION=28929]Triangle[/MENTION] how so?, explain please because i haven't heard this before lol. i think im going to use C++ in Direct X
  9. Yeah hold on, I'll post it up in some pictures and explanation, give me a few hours to get it put together.
  10. but can c++ work well with internet connections, mySql connections, and even webbrowser enabled gaming?
  11. Hey guys, I am making a tile-based building(create an empire, build buildings, train troops, etc....) game that will be online for people to play and I am currently using Java Language for this. I want some feed back on what would be the best programming Language for this, I have seen Flash works pretty well but I would like to get some feed back from the fellas here at RL. If you could answer the question with ...... -Language -Why it is better Thank you, I don't want examples of code or if its easier, I just want feed back on what is better Language to do it on. I'm looking for performance, how big the map can get without lag, connection availability such as, can it connect to mySQL, can it be secure for people to play without hacks? etc..... and also sprites, what is the better language to add sprites on, like flash uses Symbols as a sprite locater which i dont think they are called sprites in that case, but they work as such..... and java has cached sprites, well don't have to be cached but you get my point. Thanks guys ill be waiting for your feed back and help
  12. Bump, BTW guys almost all jobs are completed the same day and usually about the same hour or two.
  13. [quote name='StevenAbraham']Vouch for Carbon. Does an excellent job sever-side, client-side and web-development. Has done work on many servers including a few of my projects. Also if anyone is interested in my GFX design services you can also order here! I'm now affiliated with Carbonized-Development! Simply request Steven.[/QUOTE] Thanks steven!
  14. you gotta do matte black with matte grey and alloy rims or grey color rims. and ofcourse matte grey designs or you can settle for metallic grey on the design(decals, graphics, etc...) and it would look sick, like a low profile but dangerous car. You get me.
  15. yeh, don't use a 773 cache, they don't even make RSPS in that revision do they? other then that, i think the 718 client wouldn't run a 773 cache. Clearly the cache is too complicated for the source, as you see all definitions are have errors reading the cache, which i think thats what it is, and that means the cache is in a different format then that of a 742 which means you have to get a new definitions etc.... I'm not entirely sure, i might be completely wrong, but thats what it looks like at the beggining. but seriously i don't think rev 773 exist yet.