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  1. Hello this is an oldschool source that i like so i thought id give it a shot. Client Link ---- http://www.mediafire.com/?a7uei1en2osbfr4 Forums – coming soon All the correct weapon emotes + wielding recomendations status hammer does hit like a hammer (emote) but is 2 haned made for overuse. 100 % donater items and donater stuff. (donater shop only donaters can trade, donater equipment, only a donater can equip.+ donater crown. To donate I accept runescape accounts. pkpoints + pk rewards , i didn't put this in a shop because its faster. FULL working magic (lunar,ancients,normal spellbook) Realistic shop prices (junk - cheap . usefulle items - expensive. full working pvp(known bugs (darkbow glitch (special fully working new food tuna potatos heals 22 perfectly working special attack on every costume (by ex. dclaw(emote+-spec) vesta(emote+spec)hammer(emote+spec) (dds(98%),saradomin sword (ss)(60%)(ags,bgs,sgs,zgs 100 %) minigames all the minigames work, (rsp minigames) -barrows -pest control and more skillcape emotes ( for 317's there stupid) Staff- need staff (so far im the only one) May need to provide collateral. Prob need 2 mods, 2 admins, and co. (exerendum) All credit is given to exeredum for this serv. Leader is bountyleader only donate to him directly never use links. a few pics now more coming soon http://yfrog.com/0z0128ep http://yfrog.com/ev0017sp http://yfrog.com/5e0001up http://yfrog.com/8d0000gp