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  1. I wouldn't use .NET framework for this, I would stick to Java.
  2. What's the error you get?
  3. Have you included all the class files and put the main loading file (generally client.java) as manifest?
  4. Modern Blue does it for me.. maybe try changing through the different offered themes.
  5. [quote name='Chronicscape']clan chat... Like I said long ago STOP RELEASING SHIT THAT WAS DONE LONG AGO. And yea EVERY server has this unless they used a cleaned source. Stop leech/gravedig because you did NOT code that command.[/QUOTE] Oh he's not bragging about it.. what about just letting him post it here and ignore his thread?
  6. 2005 here :^)
  7. Hash

    The insane video spreading

    Can we reach the 3 to 5 likes? 97k likes later... Went so fast but it was worth the watch :p
  8. So this boy made a video because he got 1 like on his video and hoped for 3-5 likes. During the night, someone posted this on Reddit and this got on the frontpage and now the video has approx. 393 000 views and 69 000 likes. Here is his channel and the main video posted, he's pretty funny: [url]www.youtube.com/embed/vZcDjcaSHvc[/url]
  9. Hash

    Chart Of Values

    Since this is dead these times, I am thinking of bringing sometimes some news from around the world so we can discuss what we want. As some of you may or may not know, in Quebec province, Canada, there's been a chart of values released recently. It's currently in the stage of general assemblies where many associations and groups come and defend their points on it and whether they are for it or not. For those who don't know it, here are some important points you must know: [list] [*]Limit the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols; [*]The wearing of kippas, turbans, burkas, hijabs and "large" crosses would be banned for civil servants while they are on the job. [/list] What comes here from the minister who created it is that people working in the public jobs must represent the state as neutral and not encourage their religious preferences or belonging. This is the debate that caused the biggest controversies around the province and Canada for a while and is debated a lot at the moment and for the next two months. As of these information, you may now discuss of it and here is some complementary information: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec_Charter_of_Values[/url]
  10. Hash


    Yea, it can be traded for bitcoins. As you can see: [url]http://dogecoin.com/[/url]
  11. Hash

    Favorite exercise?

    [quote name='ArunForce']Must exercise your fingers a lot[/QUOTE] Oh you don't think I'm fo real???
  12. Hash

    Favorite exercise?

    Taking long walks in Al-Kharid
  13. So yeah a while ago I had an idea to start a text-based game to practice all sort of Java aspects and have fun while doing it. I although stumbled on the fact that I can't go further without graphics part or something new to add to it. I am in lack of inspiration and told myself I could ask the community of what I could add or ways to achieve the development of this. I'll post the link and you can leave comments or ideas/feedback on what I could add and even different ways that you imagine that this could be done. Here it is! [url]https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wu2etpm7p1xmtgp/P0MKTWFd-L[/url]
  14. Hash

    hi admin and modersators

    i agry it wasnt nice from u 2 say stuff n shit like that nice u can aplogise bcuz u know its kind
  15. Asked for it few days after it came out (1 year or so) and Iki said it wasn't causing any problems. Hope he'll reconsider this.