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  1. Server Name: Corrida Revision: 474+ Type: Relive Developers: Creator Emp, Fuzen Nexon Credits : Creator,Emp,,Fuzen,and Nexon. (A20%) Corrida will be a complete Runescape-Remake before Runescape released EOC. We strive for perfection, and do not accept anything but excellence on our part. The developers will be going in overtime to make this the best Runescape-Remake it can possibly be. This is Corrida, Experience Perfection. Website: Corrida RSPS Dedicated and Experienced Developers Fully Functioning Grand Exchange with full website integration. 100% Functioning Iron Man mode with crowns and rewards. Both Ironman Modes with Hiscores Stable Economy Staking & Duel Arena Integrated Website Grand Exchange Graphs Account Controls Wilderness Bosses | Runescape Bosses & a MASSIVE PKing Community Customizable Completionist Cape Tons of Minigames Duo Slayer Skill Passives for reaching 200M Experience Achievements System Dicing Area complete with Dicing Ranks! Robust Voting System with intense rewards (Type vote ingame) Proper Game Store (Type donate ingame) Clan Chat with LootSharing Christmas Event: Safe/NonSafe PK: Rock Crab training: And much much more! Play Now: Play Corrida (Short Video Preview) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-59w_EFsdTk&feature=youtu.be Skype --> Bacreator