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  1. I used this approach for IPB <style type="text/css"><if test="$post['author']['member_group_id'] == 4"> #post_id_{$post['post']['pid']} .author_info { background-image: url({style_images_url}/postbits/author_{$post['author']['member_group_id']}.png); } </if> </style> But I am not quite sure what I should do for vBulletin, here is what i've come up with <vb:if condition="$post['usergroupid'] == 6 OR 7">hello world </vb:if> I've got separation by group down it's just inserting css in the postbit_legacy template in the skin.
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    Lotus - 569

    Looks really nice bro, that isn't a pure 569 though what do they items go up to 659?
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    You need an avatar m8

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      Can you niggas get off my status wtf is this

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      Hey now, I never realized it would get so popular. Do not throw me into the mix.

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      The north remembers.

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    Lotus - 569

    Looks nice man, 2009-2011 was my favorite
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    Shoutbox or RIOT #DicksOutForShoutbox#CartLivesAtWalMart
  6. Well that's just because the player (the current location of the player) that walked through the door was processed (saved in that spot) before the door was added as an obstruction. The case of dueling is probably done manually to some degree on the server you mentioned but in RS I believe they have a root process for all player actions that refreshes and all the players in the world end up being in somewhat of a collection that's processed by order of first in first out and shuffled every time like Arix said. PID isn't really special it's just something that has to happen because the language doesn't support true synchronous action. That's the reason sometimes you can start a duel and end up hitting each other at the same time but I assume on the event that the hit is greater than the opponents hp a death event is processed immediately and voids all future hits, ending the duel, etc. You could end up not shuffling the location of the player in the collection every time and end up with a constant pid upon login which is what Alotic/OSRHD did/does. By the way Jagex doesn't use java so it might be a different process but that's how it could be done in java
  7. 27.30 how much do you think they will want
  8. Let's give them money.
  9. public void refresh(int... slots) { if (slots != null) { player.getPackets().sendUpdateItems(94, items, slots); player.getCombatDefinitions().checkAttackStyle(); } player.getCombatDefinitions().refreshBonuses(); refreshConfigs(slots == null); } This is already in matrix bro, so you could just do refresh(IntStream.rangeClosed(0, 14).toArray());
  10. ad money is for buying Lamborghinis duh.
  11. They sent you this instead rekt