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  1. I've been thinking about RuneScape a bit recently. Do you think that with the release of Old School RuneScape the amount of private servers will increase or decrease? I personally am tied between the two. Less people will go for old school private servers but many will stay because it's free and well, more fun. Some will go back to RuneScape because they liked the old game not the inexpensive aspect of it. What are your opinions?
  2. I currently am on spring vacation and have nothing planned (My mother is deployed in Afghanistan at the moment and we're doing something as a family later on) I have a lot of spare time for the next few weeks and even on school days i get hours online. What i'd like to do; [LIST] [*]Developing [*]Beta testing [*]Generally supporting the server/forums [*]Helping staff and/or the owner. [/LIST] Please note that i'm not expecting or asking for staff. I just want to be involved with a project to keep myself busy and do something that might positively effect others instead of sitting in my room doing nothing all break. If you'd like to contact me, please add my skype (max.fallenx) or private message me your contact information and any relevant details pertaining to the project.
  3. [quote name='AnalPineapples']Hello, I am Pineapples. I am looking for about 1-2 decent coders who are willing to help. I can code a little bit so I can help a little, but, I am looking for someone who will be able help me with making a client and hosting it on a server. I am planning on buying a vps. If I pick you, you will be admins on the server and get donor status. Just comment if you wanna help.[/QUOTE] Buy the vps and then we'll talk.
  4. I'm willing to hire you, I know it's a late reply but, I just noticed the thread. I'm planning on running a fully dedicated server on a dedicated host. You can code any revision you want, and it's all up to you. We have two owners, you can contact either of us, or both. Contacts: Chris: [email protected] - Google Talk chrispy2121 - Skype Matthew: [email protected] - Google Talk gaz095 - Skype

  5. [quote name='fatmess']added on skype ( i also would not trust anyone with under 50 posts as they will just try and sell you a leeched server)[/QUOTE] Actually, i'm doing it for free. -,-
  6. Added your skype. How we can work on the server :)
  7. Your name - Steven Your Age - 18 How long have you played RSPS's - Around 5-6 years. Any experience in server coding/client coding/websites - I started coding servers around 2008 and websites around 2009. How much time are you willing to put into this project a week - at least 5 hours/day. Favorite part of RSPS's (Do you enjoy skilling, PvP, helping others?) - I like to skill and help out.
  8. For the past few days i have been lurking the advertisement area looking for a good server. A few tips if you want some extra players; [LIST] [*]Keep an active thread in the advertisement area. [*]Ask your players to give [i]honest[/i] feedback of your server on your thread. [*]Give details on why your server is unique and why they should join yours instead of any other server. [/LIST] If everyone followed those simple tips, I think we would all find a server that we really like.
  9. Website-wise; [LIST] [*]A nice forum. (vBulletin is always nice.) [*]Active, mature, and respectful staff. [*]Well-moderated posts. [*]Few amount of 'dead' sections. [*]Clean and sleek template. (Multiple templates = always a good idea.) [/LIST] Game side; [LIST] [*]Economy server. [*]High activity of staff [*]Prevention of dupes. [*]Frequent updates. [*]Fully coded wilderness and combat system. [*]Good drops. (Actual drops mobs give with a good drop rate.) [*]Moderate exp rate. (Don't go overboard.) [*]Shops or G.E. [*]Nice home. (Varrock, edge, and lumbridge are way overused.) [/LIST]
  10. RuneTools

    Mod Jacmob :D

    Honestly, botters are good for jagex and the community. Pros; [LIST] [*]They pay for membership which gives money to Jagex. [*]They lower prices. [*]They are quite easy to kill in the wilderness. [/LIST] Cons; [LIST] [*]They lower prices. (Only a con if you're selling) [*]They take up space at skilling places. [/LIST]
  11. Very nice. Glad to see that people are sticking to the basics. (One 400's are some of my favorite revisions.)
  12. The server looks pretty nice. Here's a tip: Upload the client.jar to your website. Dropbox downloads seem more suspicious. (People are reluctant to download things that aren't hosted on the same website.)
  13. I've been programming for about 6 years now. Languages i code; [LIST] [*]Java [*]Javascript [*]html [*]css [*]c++ [*]c# [*]vb.net [/LIST] If you're currently looking for a developer or someone to help out on your server, please post here or private message me, thank you. Also, only reply here if you are looking for a developer, all other posts will be reported.