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  1. Deadman releases @ 3PM Eastern Time, Friday 5/5/17 Our Deadman mode features TONS of OSRS content, including over 40 quests (no quest requirements)!! Visit our website: https://eden.ps Download the DMM client: https://eden.ps/deadman Or download the economy: https://eden.ps/download Make sure you use the Create Account button in the client to start a new account. You can use either client to connect to both servers, the only difference is the default world. 1st Place Prize Options: $500 cash (PayPal) $700 worth of Eden Donation Shards $700 worth of SoulPlay Donation Points Winners are determined at the end of the season by an Arena fight: All players are teleported into a custom arena (multi until 30 players left) and the last players standing will win. Boxing: Boxing during the regular season is NOT illegal. If someone catches a box during a fight it is not against the rules. With the current PJ timers there has to be a gap in combat of a full 10 seconds for someone to catch a box. Time your freezes or when you eat, and this shouldn't be a problem. It would also be far too hard to manage every single person that boxes and banning every single player that did this would just be unreasonable. Boxing during the finale IS illegal. This will be at admins discretion. This also includes form of combat that negates damage (e.g. brewing stats down to 0 and whipping each other). Finale Rules: Purposely hiding or avoiding combat is NOT illegal. The difference between this and boxing is that when you are boxing someone, no one can attack you. However if you're just hiding, someone else that does not have a fight could still attack you. PJing or tagging fights in the finale is not illegal. VPN Voting: If a player appears to heavily abuse VPN voting to obtain an absurd amount of votes there will be a punishment. This will be up to administrator discretion. Calling out Locations: Calling out the location of a skulled player IS NOT ALLOWED First offence will result in a warning. Further offences will result in a 2 day mute on your account and potentially being removed from the season, if the offence continuously occurs. Muling: Muling is against the rules. Players caught muling will have all of their accounts on the Deadman worlds suspended for the remainder of the DMM season. FOR CLARIFICATION: Muling is defined as keeping valuable items on an account that you do not play on. Examples include: Leaving valuable items on an account that never leaves a safezone Leaving valuable items on an account that still has protection on it Incidences of muling will ultimately be up to the discretion of the staff member to determine whether or not muling has been occurring. Alternative Accounts: Players may use 1 alt account (1 alt and your main = 2 accounts logged in) to help gather supplies. There is no limit on accounts created, only the amount that can be logged in at once. Media:
  2. Thanks for making this compilation. I'm the creator of FlareSoft, was a silly move to release it closed source. If you guys are interested I'll upload the latest update to it (Dec 2011) so you can have something better.
  3. I was a developer of RS2006, I don't really think I need all developer permissions?

  4. Well, I had the source since I worked for them so I just replaced some stuff in the leaked version and wapam it works. Enjoy :p * [code][1/16/13 5:46 PM]: Starting 2006scape ofc. on localhost:43594... [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: Loading packets... [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: Loaded 64 packets. [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: Loading plugins.. [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: [ObjectDef] DONE LOADING OBJECT CONFIGURATION [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: [Region] DONE LOADING REGION CONFIGURATIONS [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: [Rangable] DONE LOADING REGION CONFIGURATIONS Jan 16, 2013 5:46:20 PM com.rs2.cache.object.ObjectLoader load INFO: Loading definitions... Jan 16, 2013 5:46:20 PM com.rs2.cache.object.ObjectLoader load INFO: Loaded 0 object definitions. Jan 16, 2013 5:46:20 PM com.rs2.cache.object.ObjectLoader load INFO: Loading map... Jan 16, 2013 5:46:21 PM com.rs2.cache.object.ObjectLoader load INFO: Loaded 1166825 objects. [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: Loaded 286 global drops. [1/16/13 5:46 PM]: Online![/code] [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26438996/gfvault.png[/img]
  5. [quote name='thakillah']David does it for Fun not for the money[/QUOTE]Welcome to the real world; a world where propaganda and lies exist. As well, you aren't the expert of the subject, I have known him for many years and had played his server in the very beginning. He is not willing to fix issues; it shows just how much "fun" he wants the server to be.
  6. [quote name='Tanner'][url]http://projectrs06.com/[/url][/QUOTE]Except David doesn't listen to anything I say and won't fix critical issues. His server is going to turn out just like RS2006, him wreathing cash and soon after shutting down.
  7. [quote name='yuioplok'][ATTACH=CONFIG]7122[/ATTACH] Leeched from some kid on sythe.[/QUOTE]Jagex would not hire a legality worker who writes so terribly. As well, unless the person who viewed the message is a genie or something like that they wouldn't had viewed the email under a minute after it has been received.
  8. Canownueasy :eek:

  9. [quote name='Stephen Coder']Come join again! and what was your username?[/QUOTE]Ryan would never let me back, I'm Canownueasy.
  10. I was a developer for him back when Fanz was also a developer, right after the switch from RS2007 to RS2006. I always knew this was going to happen. I just don't think Vault understands who is and who is not a good developer- he likes hiring people who have no clue what they're doing but just happen to be well known and have some projects to back their name up (which, from the content side look alright but in reality the codebase looks worse than a turd). He promised developers big rewards and never delivered.
  11. [quote name='GreyMan']My god this is too similar to PI in design[/QUOTE]I actually think this has a [i]much[/i] better codebase than the current ones floating around. It may be because this is a skeleton, but at least it's a skeleton written by somebody who knows more than how to write commands.
  12. [quote name='GreyMan']Message me your skype name, I don't even bother to log into MSN anymore. Github updates? Did a votebot for this recently ([url]https://github.com/Hadyn/nkvoter[/url] and [url]http://www.dailydot.com/society/hackers-time-person-year-kjugaschambers/[/url]), and working on a framework. How about you?[/QUOTE]Haha! Nice job with that! I've been writing libraries and messing around with JNA: [url]http://github.jire.org[/url]
  13. Well guys, I guess since I'm here I might as well share something! I have found, after searching for nearly 6 hours the original RSPS BlakeScape made for testing RS bots in 2005! WinterLove is available already on MoparScape but I couldn't find this anywhere! Of the very little threads that had this all of the links were broken! I found this with the WayBackMachine and recovered a deleted Sycthe thread from January 2006! It had a still-working direct link to the original BlakeScape files made in October/November of 2005! This is RSPS history! Here is a direct link on my DropBox: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26438996/blakescape.rar Enjoy!
  14. I'm sorry man but I've never found anything related to casinos fun. :-\
  15. This is interesting! I developed the original InnovationX, Legacy 614, and Paradise (back when it was 614)! Very, [i]very[/i] interesting to see that the works have been put together here.