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  1. Willing to pay around $80 for installation + forum theme and all that jazz. Willing to negotiate. Current: https://FusionRSPS.com want something that looks good, like this for example:
  2. So, right now I have this php forum: http://fusionrsps.com/ Which isn't that bad. However, the internals as far as setting up a profile, tabs in nav bar, and ranks are just horrible. So I'll either hire someone to fix this up or I just buy a whole new setup. Post your templates you've made below if you're looking to sell. Message me on discord: Shmootz#3466
  3. Welcome to Fusion. Fusion is a 718 RSPS and is currently in its' very early stages. We are looking for beta testers who will be rewarded with the veteran role on our new website. Social Links: Website: http://fusionrsps.com (Website is being changed soon, thanks to the help of "Setup" from Runelocus ). Discord: https://discord.gg/QfSDB7n Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7tkuav9g6w1xe9e/Fusion+RSPS.jar Recruitment: Aside from beta testers, we would like to recruit some staff members. Fusion is looking for the following roles: - Server and Forum Mod. - Forum Mod. - Trial Forum Mod. - Server Mod. [Not staff but all beta testers will receive this rank on the new Forums]. - Trial Mod. Server Info: Here is a list of some features that Fusion has. Media: Anyways, just a few images and a basic general description. Didn't want to overboard with content. If you're really interested in being a beta tester and potentially join the staff team then feel free to join the discord. Applications will be open tomorrow! Will delete this thread once server has officially launched as I will make a more presentable advertisement. Thank you all for reading this!
  4. https://gyazo.com/73128d16303ea27f400e29d1e95d1a1b she's 15, you've ruined the count cmonbruh
  5. Hello! I previously made an advertisement for Fusion beta, found here: But wanted to clearly post here that we are now looking for another developer who is looking for a project to join in on. If you want more information, please join the discord. https://discord.gg/QfSDB7n
  6. Message me on discord. Shmootz#3466 or join this discord https://discord.gg/xar3fRj We are looking for another developer, this way you've got something to work with. Up to you.
  7. How do the forums look? I only see the home page
  8. Bump/ Paying someone for a nice RSPS forum + will pay for you to install and all that.
  9. Am interested in these if you still do them.
  10. DOUBT you are still active but if you are and still providing this service then please DM me on discord. Shmootz#3466
  11. Hello, it's been 4 years but I am back for a bit. Looking to test coding a rsps just for fun. Anyways, was looking for the sevador718 source, I released it four years ago but apparently the link is broken and I have no way to find it. IF anyone has this source or a similar 718, lmk.
  12. teach me everything please
  13. I've got Java EE through eclipse, so desktop IDE. Which file do I open though with it?
  14. oops, I meant what even is A staff pin. I don't know what that is. Also, I downloaded the source, cache, client but when I ran the run file, no client popped up.
  15. Tyluuur! PogChamp looking good man, long time no see
  16. When nothing is loading anymore
  17. Finished the build and it's all changed now, don't need any feedback anymore
  18. So far this is what I have picked out. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7Pzw4C Looking for feedback on the parts and if it all looks okay. With the pc I'll be: playing games like rocket league, civ, other steam games. Nothing major though like skyrim or GTA. Also I'll be programming on it and doing graphic design work. So, I plan on using the SSD for select games and then buying a hard drive later on for graphic design projects/video work and programming work. Any feedback is great, thank you!