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    Make sure the client build is the same in client and source, aswell as the ip address is
  2. Nothing new, Nonetheless goodluck.
  3. Lol, Cart's A Jmod!
  4. Not to be mean, or anything, your not supposed to only bump, without any reason, according to rules.
  5. You mean make over mage? well it does not work on every source bro.
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    Vote help!

    satvir.sidhu7 add me, i will help you.
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    Need help 718 plz help!

    satvir.sidhu7, add me i will help :)
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    Vote System!

    Added you. I'll Help You
  9. Gripper, is being honest and it is true, your a new guy to the forums. I'd say do some free services, show that you really can do it.