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  1. Since I'm running a 718/737 server, I want to make a voting system. The problem is my server is nonmysql. Am I still able to make a voting system? It is Bens Project and it HAD one in past, but my old site was not capable of having a voting system, now that I can if the old voting system Bens Project used works I'll just use that. All my friends do not use a voting system, so I can't ask 10 coders already for assistance. Can anyone assist me, help me, tutorial anything? That is the big thing I want to add to my server atm :(. If possible I'm willing to add MySQL to make this happen. Thanks so much in advanced, I really need the help.. --Nick
  2. Hey guys, I accessed my VPS via RDP, I am about to drag the folder of my server over. The IP in the files in via no-ip. So i was using no-ip as the server. Can I leave it or do I need to change anything via no-ip or in the files? Thanks, --Nick
  3. [quote name='Emperor']Your matrix leach should already contain it.[/QUOTE] Yeah I know, but only owner and co-owner has, i thought he would have too being admin. any type of fix for this?
  4. My web dev who is admin status wants this feature and is obsessed with it. Where do I even go to in order to let him be able to use this feature?
  5. [quote name='RuneInferno']did you update the itemDefinitions in your Item Editor?[/QUOTE] LOL, I'm not using outdatted IDE, its for my cache and up brosky :P.
  6. [quote name='RuneInferno']One quick question.. what cache are you using?[/QUOTE] cache 737, why?
  7. I am trying to mess around learn customizing and such. I have done phats and a few other things. I tried making a custom Santa but every time I create it then test i can wear it but the hat is still red, and is not black or lime green, (the colors i made the custom hats). I will post an SS below and see if anyone can help assisting me and give suggestions? I tried putting the color IDs in model color only, texture only, and as seen in the pic in BOTH. Nothing! :(. I'm obviously typing the color code wrong, can anyone help? Thanks!! [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/nya8ug.jpg[/IMG]
  8. I am looking for a notepad file or a pdf chart of color codes for an 718 IDE. Posted screenshot if it helps you... cannot find one via google for the life of me!! [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/2jep8b8.jpg[/IMG]
  9. [quote name='Siles']Add this after the last one. Keep the pattern going. Example: [code] || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("NAMEHERE") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("NAMEHERE") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("NAMEHERE")[/code][/QUOTE] So after Darkagez i add that? Ex. - } if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("item")) { if (player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("nick") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("damien") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("darkagez")|| player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("NAMEHERE") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("NAMEHERE") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("NAMEHERE")
  10. I made the ::item (id) command only for me the owner and my co-owner Damien. I want to add my web dev and my head mod onto the ::item command so they can use it. I tried testing it with my mod by adding his name onto the command, (Darkagez), it compiled fine but it didn't do anything. Did i type it wrong, or do i need to edit another file? Command is below... [CODE]} if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("item")) { if (player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("nick") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("damien") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("darkagez")) { if (cmd.length < 2) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "Use: ::item id (optional:amount)"); return true; } try { int itemId = Integer.valueOf(cmd[1]); ItemDefinitions defs = ItemDefinitions .getItemDefinitions(itemId); if (defs.isLended()) return false; String name = defs == null ? "" : defs.getName() .toLowerCase(); player.getInventory().addItem(itemId, cmd.length >= 3 ? Integer.valueOf(cmd[2]) : 1); } catch (NumberFormatException e) { player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "Use: ::item id (optional:amount)"); } } return true; }[/CODE]
  11. [quote name='Murilirum']Apart from moderator what would make it worth spending time developing for?[/QUOTE] Well its making a website thats all I need done :P. Forum i can do cause i have a paid forum now anyways so thats actually covered. As for a main website if i do not find anyone im gonna bug my sister whos a graphic designer and was published in 3 magazines to make me one haha. But all your doing is making a website, doesn't have to be so detailed just a website with voting on there, donating and who to contact. Very simple, as far as coder id throw them money though :P.
  12. I just made a server that went public by the name of ExtinctScape. So new we need a website made and a forum. I do not have time to do it since i'm working on server and i am looking to hire someone who can make one or both for me. I will obviously offer you moderator and such bonus's ingame! I do code but i am such a beginner and looking for someone with beyond the amount of experience I have! Server is Ben Project so it is WELL coded already, just looking for a coder to help out with basics, fixing little things, adding commands etc. You will obviously be offered admin/co-owner and so on. If you can help you can contact me via skype at nick.lanz OR msn at [email][email protected][/email]. Thanks so much in advance guys and I hope to have a team soon!! --Nick
  13. [quote name='new2code']Uhm, i'm not sure, but i can try it, if you pm me your tv id and pass[/QUOTE] I PMed you my TV info, thanks
  14. [quote name='new2code']You mean how to portforward, how to open port 43594?[/QUOTE] No, that is not the question and idk if this is the right forum for this question since its technical and not related to RSPS and such, I need to configure my router so it can allow me to Port Forward Port 43594. I am asking if anyone knows the configuration in order to do this and allow my router to accept the Port Forward. I already did it but its still blocked, so I need to configure my router to allow it.
  15. Well the title says it all, I need the configuration for the Port 43594 in order to launch my RSPS publicly, can anyone provide me with this info? I need to configure my linksys router to do so. Thanks, --Nick