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  1. [quote name='Vesta Main']I'm nowhere near experienced to help you with something like this, but do you have a base? How is this gonna work, through a disc or through Xbox Internet Explorer? I just wanna see your plans :P.[/QUOTE] It will be an arcade game costing like $5 in Microsoft points. I am adding my own touches so I don't get taken down by jagex.
  2. I am converting a bunch of code to C#. I just need a dev who can help me. We need to make a new interface. I am deciding between first-person or third-person. We will have to make some changes so the xbox can load it without a ton of lag. And we will make some other changes to avoid copywrite. PM me please! =)
  3. I am coding a server and me and my team have decided to expand. I need a coder who is very good. Not just a begginer. The server is almost 100% done and we need more coders to help when we let players on for bug fixes. [url]http://www.elite-scape.net/index.php[/url] that is out website. Skype me asap if interested at all we can work out a deal: nickthemaster101
  4. I get this error when I try to compile Compiling - Project Insanity Please wait patiently... javac: file not found: src\server\event\*.java Usage: javac <options> <source files> use -help for a list of possible options Press any key to continue . . .
  5. Msn or skype me msn = [email][email protected][/email] skype= nickthemaster101
  6. Nebraska

    Upgrading Graphics

    I want my 317 to look like a 508 but still be a 317. I've seen others do this but i dont know how. any help is apreciated thanks!
  7. Nebraska

    Upgrading Graphics

    I want to get my 317 to use 508 graphics. My base is Project Insanity, any help is aprecialted