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  1. Hi, My name is David. I am currently looking for someone who would like to help me code a server. I am pretty new to the whole coding aspect and need help as soon as possible. I would be willing to pay after I see some work and It would really be appreciated. Please let me know asap. I would like to create a 718+ or a 317 loading 600+ if possible. I have gone through many tutorials and every time it seems that I do one wrong or something is missing and it doesn't seem to work for me. I ave no problem purchasing a vps or hosting myself. I will put the money into making this server thrive. Forum work is more of my forte and I am very good at it so the forums will not be an issue. Right now the only issue I have is the programming in general. I would like to have this server up and running as soon as possible, preferably in less that 2 weeks. Please contact me via here or via skype at Gi_Industries. Thank you for your time, Hisoka
  2. ok 2 things first off when i click the initialize it says the system cannot find the path specified...i changed my environmental variables already and everything and i changed every single instance of java in the whole server to my current java. secondly if thats the original problem then this one doesnt matter but when i click play me it says could not find the load main class client. Idk how to fix this because this is the first server i have ever tried to make. I could realy use some help preferably one on one help if possible. Thank you for your time.