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  1. [quote name='PlayWorld Mod']We got a quite active player base, join us and start pk'ing instantly![/QUOTE] no we havent, there's like noone in wildy
  2. [quote name='Lawkos']On a website[/QUOTE] I downloaded a cache but how do I run the server? There's no client thingy.
  3. [quote name='Cjay0091']Download any matrix source, not like anything special was added to revX..[/QUOTE] Where can I find this?
  4. Does anyone have the RevolutionXPK Source or can tell me where I can find it? Thanks. ;)
  5. Snypherz

    Azureify 2007

    [quote name='Tractical']any news yet? :([/QUOTE] Why not just play OSRS
  6. Source is exactly leeched from RevX, she got banned..
  7. [quote name='Murilirum']This.[/QUOTE] This.
  8. nice gj
  9. EoC server would strive for 1st of it's kind.