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  1. depends what server you have. i have helped code a few 562's n 317's
  2. someones hosting my server for me now so its not my files its just i need to move on from my friends hostin it to me hosting it.
  3. I have a 512mb centOS 6 linux vps cus my server is only around 20 players n i need it set up asap. so if you can do it ill pay you. add me on skype patriots970 will let you do it through teamviewer im not dumb enough to hand over my files ty.
  4. this noob dont know anything about rsps^ obviously. i have a host who isnt a vps n im 24/7 dipshit. and no one trusts a guy with 17 posts. 9/10 ppl with low post counts are people just lookin to jack files or from banned accounts for some type of scam
  5. thats a terrible host and 15 posts you arent even trustworthy. i need someone who can host 24/7 and can hold 30+ players.
  6. pyrepk

    portforward help

    go find a post on how to do it or make your own post. theres a youtube video for that. you need to jar it
  7. custom items to change colors and what not means changing the cache. shops are very simple. theres hundreds of guides form rune-server moparscape google youtube or even runelocus
  8. I have a server which i got over 60 players on then my host couldnt host anymore. so i need a new trusted host or someone to setup my vps for me and i will make them mod and pay them to do it with real money not that rsgp shit.
  9. pyrepk

    portforward help

    its not my firewall cus i even turned my firewall off to see if that was it and it wasnt. runelocus even says the port is open.
  10. pyrepk

    portforward help

    for some reason when i change it from to my no-ip it says connection timed out which tells me most likely the port forwarding is blocking something but it says ports 43594 are open. on my friends laptop he can host my server but i cant from mine.. any info is helpful thanks. im already up to 20 active players after 3 days n need some staff if anyone can figure this problem out theres a spot open for you.
  11. anyone know why i get kicked when i use pring and 1 hit bosses and get kicked? im the owner of my server.
  12. If you dont know how to use a vps dont waste my time. if you dont know how to fix connection timed out when i try to run my server using my no-ip dont waste my time. if you do know i will gladly pay for you to get my server. name your price but dont be absurd.
  13. pyrepk

    connection timed out

    whats your site? and i have a vps jus cant figure out how to get my server setup for it but i would gladly join your rsps even if i get mine runnin ill still help you :D