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  1. Hello Members of RuneLocus I'm currently recruiting a team to start a new Project. First of let me tell you about myself. About Me I'm currently a 20 Year old Support Engineer for a company that specialises in biometric systems, such as Eye Scanners, Fingerprint scanners and face scanners. It doesn't mean I'm super smart, I just set up software and put some hardware in a box and set up servers and a bit of port forwarding haha. Anyway, I've been in the British Army before then for about 1 year, I played runescape mostly in 2011, but I've played since 2006. I've always had the dream of having my own private server with a community that is active and a team that strives to actually giving players what they want. and having players look up to you and actually feeling a sense of achievement (I promise I'm not homosexual but I am a bit cringy). What Do I want? I want to host a server, where the costs pay themselves, Profit? it's a bonus but I just want to run a server for the love of the Runescape Game (not this new runescape) I want team members who strive to satisfy there community and don't kill children and other stupid shit just for donations. I want a team that I actually get along with and people who are willing to sacrifice free time to develop a server that can really put a smile on a community's face but also recognising that I do allow you to have a social life whether you have a job and a girlfriend/boyfriend and whatever else. Current Positions: Java Developer: Free Graphic Designer: Free / Me if needed Backup Java Developer: Me Other Notes I know you can look up my posts, and recognize I'm not too experienced in running my own server and also the development process, but I'm willing to put all I can into a team and server that are worth the effort bark upon this journey with me and let's see what we can do. Application: Name: Preferred Name: Age: Nationality: Proof of Experience/Work: Why Choose you?: Why Choose me?:
  2. [B][CENTER]Introduction[/CENTER][/B] [CENTER]Hello guys and welcome to my thread discussing my personal attributes and why I'm wanting to join and collaborate with a ongoing Project or Development team. I'm currently 19 years old and go away on the June 1st to join the British military; but as of now apart from keeping up with my fitness I am absolutely bored out of my brain; so if I could conjoin with a project or team that would be great so I don't end up dieing of boredom [B]Skills & Knowledge :[/B][/CENTER] [LIST] [*][B]OK Grammar[/B] [*][B]Team Leadership[/B] [*][B]Graphic Design[/B] [*][B]Vast Knowledge in RSPS's & RS[/B] [*][B]Meh at Java[/B] [*][B]Experience in RSPS Teams.[/B] [/LIST] [CENTER][B]Personal Details:[/B][/CENTER] [B]Age: [/B]19 [B]Name:[/B] Dylan / Flu [B]Nationality:[/B] UK [B]TS / Skype / Mic / Headset:[/B] Yes [CENTER]If you're wanting to ask any other questions please post them as a reply or PM me and I'll reply as fast as possible. Thanks, Fluent.[/CENTER]
  3. [quote name='Daedalus']What mode are you in on your game? (Safemode, OpenGL, Direct X) etc P.S. Same GPU :D[/QUOTE] direct X; usually openGL is shit for me on my older graphics card so haven't tried that yet.
  4. [quote name='Stacx']What...[/QUOTE] he obviously wants post count haha
  5. Specs: 8Gb Ram - DDr3 - Corsair GPU - Geforce 560Ti CPU - AMD 3.8Ghz x 6 why am i lagging on private servers on HD?
  6. Title says it all, would just like some help :S
  7. gyazo.com/bf92fc31cb24a8e6ce542def97a98829 there's an example i use the addItem(itemid, amount) function and the stackable items don't stack :S