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  1. Our runelite beta client is out for testing check out the thread here! https://oldschool06.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=19
  2. Head to OldSchool06.com for Jews and updates!
  3. Major runelite updates coming this week, come join our discord or in-game and check us out!
  4. Easter event is over, updates coming next Thursday!
  5. Easter event is here! Login and collect the eggs.
  6. Our latest behind the scenes update! https://oldschool06.com/news/viewarticle.php?id=13
  7. Updated client and website highscores, check out news posts for more details!
  8. Updates tonight ! Fixed highscores only few more kinks left in those! We have promotional offers for anyone wanting to earn some osrs gp! Visit our site news for more information.
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    Thanks for posting for me.
  10. https://oldschool06.com Taking some time to work on some graphical features to enhance the experience, Keep an eye out for upcoming updates on our website or discord.
  11. We have been working on a OSBuddy client to our roster, check out the discord for more info!
  12. Play Now (Click me to visit https://oldschool06.com) Game Powered by RuneLite Oldschool 06 Protocol: 317 Client Build: 15 Game Server version: 1.2.5 Development lapse: 3 months Supported Platforms: Standard Java Applet (Windows and Macintosh compatible) What is Run Escape? A 2006 based ‘realism’ server with a new school feel and client features, a truly enjoyable experience. The nostalgic gameplay will bring you back again. A completely community driven game, the players feedback and suggestions determine the overall major content additions and overall outcome. We strive for a pvp feel but offer over 25+ quests, instant action and all skills complete. You will find this is truest old journey from the past. The game uses the 459 game frame with a custom 459 resizable mode, simply because they just did not have resize at that time. Originally hosted for PVP and an oldschool remake, this core has a clean record of giving players a great wilderness experience and a skilling wonderful skilling experience. With flawless switches, great pathfinding and all of the goodies you could ask for when it comes to the challenge of taking out an opponent for some juicy loot. Our economy will be strict and watched over, player must gain items through bossing, pvp, or any means. Those items are up to the players to circulate. We have experience with this and have maintained a stable economy in the past.We plan to schedule weekly updates, so if your in inferno or deep in a raid getting your groove on you wont need to worry about random or frequent updates. We have started this project on a strong foundation and we doubt that we will run into any major issues. Credits to everyone who has worked on the server mige trees
  13. srsly? smd. [QUOTE]If I were you I'd remove the "Website by trees; design by | Jad" from your website since that's just a complete lie.[/QUOTE] "That's just a complete lie" Who are you to post about my website irreverently on a help thread for my server. If that's not coming at me idk what is? My problem is retards like you thinking your the shit trolling threads. I'd love for you to call me a liar like that irl kid, anyone as a matter of fact. You'd get knocked in the teeth... You had the nerve to act like that then tell me learn to take advice. YOU need to learn your place, and go click delete on threads that are inappropriate.
  14. [quote name='Fall Out'][IMG]http://puu.sh/6z6rN.png[/IMG] nice1 m8[/QUOTE] I should have worded that better, it's an advertisement for help on my server.
  15. If i were you i'd refrain from commenting stupid shit. I downloaded a template and put it up, the kid Jad or w.e was there before me in the footer and i just added my name because he did design it, whether thats true or not i dont care thats how i downloaded it and im not about to rip his credits out.. I modified it, photoshoped my own images and used the theme to quick host it for my project. Don't come trolling with accusations like your the man then wish me good luck. Go troll some idiot will you, if i wanna say i built the whole site i will do exactly that. This is a advertisement for my server not a quick site template. I don't care who you are don't disrespect me.