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  1. Release date has been announced. Join our discord to read the updates.
  2. Welcome to the official project thread for Battle-Wild! We are happy to see you visit and browse through our journey to providing you with the best spawn pk server. We are sure you have heard this before, but Battle-Wild will indeed be one of a kind and will meet all pkers' (and even pvmers'/skillers') standards! With an OSRS-based revision, players will experience the best gameplay no matter what the activity. We have started with a professional staff team and will continue expanding potential candidates as we grow. If you are interested in joining our Discord to continue following along with our progress and get live updates, just click on our logo! Coming Soon! Palidino - (Server Owner & Developer) Miika (Head Administrator & Developer) Trick (Manager & Administrator) D34d Pk3r (Forum Developer & Administrator) If you would like to show your support for Battle-Wild, please place the code below in your signature without the spaces. [ IMG]https://i.imgur.com/OHjPEcb.png[/ IMG]
  3. BattleScape is an oldschool server running off of deob #117. We keep our content up-to-date with OSRS so that you can experience any new bosses, monsters, items, and anything else the OSRS team might release. We're centered around PvP, however if you prefer PvM, we also have activities such as Slayer and bosses. We focus on providing excellent content and take pride in focusing on as realistic gameplay as possible. Whether that is of PvP, boss mechanics, or skilling, you'll find it's nicely polished. We actively listen to feedback and are always looking to improve and expand the server.
  4. It's no big deal, thanks for helping me recover it back
  5. The one I have registered on this account, you can delete this account if you need to. palidinodh[at]gmail[dot]com
  6. My email accounts were hacked through the recovery questions, and the hacker reset my password. I've been unable to recover the AOL accounts, and have no other way to recover my account here. toplist/details-5216-Decimation_498_Bounty_Hunter.html Just let me know what information I need to provide to recover it.