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  1. I figured what my problem is, and it is that when I open up the VNC is connecting to linux OS which isn't compatible with my computer but I have changed it to windows 10 and it still loads with Linux OS so I am not sure if it takes awhile for the VPS to change or not.
  2. Yeah my problem is i've probably done something wrong in the VPS settings because I can't even connect to it using remote desktop connection
  3. I am only familiar with putting a RSPS online through port forwarding, which I am unable to do, if someone could help me out with it that would be great my skype is: evilslayers, the RSPS is all ready to go and configured to the VPS ip
  4. Yo Avenging Death helped me soz guys
  5. Xandorious

    Portforward help

    When I try to portforward on my router I get this error message and i've tried every possible IP... This IP address should be in the same subnet as the LAN IP address.
  6. Xandorious


    How do I add new rights, I already have in Commands but I don't know how to add the crowns and stuff, which file is that in? (for example 3 is admin, 2 is mod, 1 is donator, 0 is player) But when someone types in a message the admin crown shows up for 2 and mod crown shows up for 1 in public/private/clan how do I change that or is there a tutorial you could link me thx? NOTE: THIS IS DEMENTHIUM 639 SOURCE/CLIENT.
  7. Dw mod remove this I just realised I forgot the npc code was suppose to be there
  8. I get this and i've tried what the CMD told me to do but didn't work so if someone can correct my code that would be great. [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/2lduhxz.png[/IMG] and my code: [url]http://pastebin.com/20QkjdNU[/url]
  9. Xandorious

    Rsps editors

    Alot of stuff I need to add and doing it manually wouldn't be good enough since im on a deadline :P
  10. Xandorious

    Rsps editors

    Are there any editors like DropEditor for Zenith like a NPCEditor and ShopEditor and stuff like that, if so can someone please give me link for how to add it or show me how to add it via skype or here? thanks :)
  11. So thought I would share this with the RuneLocus community [video=youtube;u9ip8h6HVxE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9ip8h6HVxE[/video]
  12. Ok it works now but when someone yells it appears but not for the other player, any ideas?
  13. Ok I figured it out but now I want to make multiple ones and the first one works but not the second, the second one doesn't yell in-game for example when I yell it's blank. Can anyone please help? public static void donorCommands(final Player player, String[] command) { if (command[0].equals("yell")) { String yell = getCompleteString(command, 1); if (player.getUsername().equals("test")) { player.sendMessage("<col=FF0000>[<img=" + (player.getRights() == 0 ? 2 : player.getRights() - 1) + ">" + "Owner" + "]test: <col=FF0000>" + yell); if (player.getUsername().equals("test123")) { player.sendMessage("<col=FF0000>[<img=" + (player.getRights() == 0 ? 2 : player.getRights() - 1) + ">" + "Developer" + "]test123: <col=FF0000>" + yell); } } } }
  14. when i yell now, it's blank and doesnt yell are you able to help me via tv?