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  1. Maybe a more simple method? [CODE] private static final String cacheName = "YOUR_CACHE_NAME";// Declare This Somewhere. /* * Replace your findcachedir with this one: */ public static String findcachedir() { File cacheFile = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/" + cacheName + "/"); if (!cacheFile.exists()) cacheFile.mkdir(); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/" + cacheName + "/"; } [/CODE] The return could be changed to "return cacheFile.getCanonicalPath();" but that throws an IOException. You'd have to add a try/catch or add a throws IOException (Then you'd have to add lots more try/catches).
  2. Hello there, I wanted to post a tutorial here today for the people who are suffering with their Cache' It can be hard to understand it, it sure took me a while... So, I want to teach you guys how to change your "Cache Path" There are multiple servers still as of today, that are using C:/ as their path and are having major problems with it. This method here will make your client work with a MAC OS X as well, not to mention that, it will also locate the Cache if placed in your (C:/ Or Users.home) I have a Macbook pro and sometimes I prefer to use that for coding via (Eclipse) So I have modified this to work with MAC. Anyways, enough with the chit chat :p and back to work! [Files we will be working on today: [Signlink.java] [Client Sided] [Difficulty: 1.5/10] First thing you want to do is: 1. Open Your Client Folder, 2. Locate (Signlink.java) In Your Client Files. 3. Open File (Signlink.java) With Notepad Or Notepad++ (Preferably Notepad++ ) (Mac users use: "Sublime Text 2 Or TextEdit") 4. Once Opened, Search For: " public static String findcachedir() " 5. Once Found, Keep In Mind That Your "Code" Will Most Likely Will Be Different, But usual PI's like: Lost Leg, InsidiaX, Hyperion, Deathly will have C:/ and some Users.home. Anyways, You're going to find 2 Codes on some 3. You Can Scroll Down Slowly From " public static String findcachedir() " And Eventually You Will Find: " public static String sencondDir() { " And On Some Servers You Might Have A Third One, If You Do It Should Be Right Under " public static String sencondDir() { " It's Called: " public static String findcachedirORIG() " And If You Don't Have That It's Fine, We Will Be Adding It Today... 6. Replace All 2, If You've Found 3, Then Change/Replace All 3 Codes With These Below: (FYI) The 3 Codes Are: [CODE] 1. public static String findcachedir() 2. public static String sencondDir() { 3. public static String findcachedirORIG() [/CODE] The New Codes You Will Be Replacing The Old Ones With: [CODE] public static String findcachedir() { boolean exists = (new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/YourCacheNameHere/")).exists(); if (exists) { return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/YourCacheNameHere/"; } else { File f = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/YourCacheNameHere/"); f.mkdir(); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/YourCacheNameHere/"; } } public static String sencondDir() { File file = new File("c:/YourCacheNameHere/"); if (!file.exists()) file.mkdir(); return file.toString(); } public static String findcachedirORIG() { String as[] = { "c:/windows/", "c:/winnt/", "d:/windows/", "d:/winnt/", "e:/windows/", "e:/winnt/", "f:/windows/", "f:/winnt/", "c:/", "~/", "/tmp/", "", "c:/rscache", "/rscache" }; if(storeid < 32 || storeid > 34) storeid = 32; String s = ".file_store_" + storeid; for(int i = 0; i < as.length; i++) try { String s1 = as[i]; if(s1.length() > 0) { File file = new File(s1); if(!file.exists()) continue; } File file1 = new File(s1 + s); if(file1.exists() || file1.mkdir()) return s1 + s + "/"; } catch(Exception _ex) { } return null; } [/CODE] Now this should work with most PI's ... Remember this only shows/teaches you how to change your "Cache Path, IN: SIGNLINK.JAVA" It has nothing to do with your (Cache Downloader) If you have any errors, please post below and I will try to help you out. I hope this helps you guys! Good luck!
  3. OMG... No one gets it.. lol... No it doesn't provide anything useful. Why don't you go ahead and actually try it.... Instead of reading it, then you'll see.
  4. [quote name='Chronicscape']Then here u go >.> [URL="https://www.google.com/search?q=317+mac+cache+downloader.+&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#safe=off&q=317+mac+cache+downloader"]Googled Auto DL cache 317[/URL][/QUOTE] Have you personally checked any of those posts...? Cuz I have... No help there...
  5. [quote name='Chronicscape']Use google it helps if you don't understand. Just type in 317 mac cache downloader.[/QUOTE] I've tried to use Google and look it up.. But I got no luck. It's not even about Mac at this point. I just really want to change the Cache Path. I've come up with a start and it's still not working, I need some help figuring it out that's all.
  6. No. That's not a start. I've already started and here's what I got; [CODE] public static String findcachedir() { boolean exists = (new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Mezzyscape/")).exists(); if (exists) { System.out.println("Directory exists"); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Mezzyscape/"; } else { File f = new File(System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Mezzyscape/"); f.mkdir(); System.out.println("Directory doesnt exist, making directory"); return System.getProperty("user.home") + "/Mezzyscape/"; } } [/CODE] I've also came up with this... I just can't really have C:/ as my cache path though. [CODE] public static String findcachedir() { boolean exists = (new File("C:/Mezzyscape/")).exists(); if (exists) { System.out.println("Directory exists"); return "C:/Mezzyscape/"; } else { File f = new File("C:/Mezzyscape/"); f.mkdir(); System.out.println("Directory doesnt exist, making directory"); return "C:/Mezzyscape/"; } } [/CODE] I worked on this and after a while of working on it and fixing some codes up... I added into the server and it still doesn't work... I'm getting so lost and confused.
  7. [quote name='Chronicscape']"Users.Home" or whatever... have you tried that?[/QUOTE] I've tried that, but it doesn't seem to work...?
  8. Hello there, i'm looking to change my Cache path; From /C:/ to (Users.home) I'm using mezzyscape Client and Source, first time doing this. The reason is; I'm using Mac and I need to change the Cache path in order for it to actually extract the Cache. I've already gotten to know how to change the cache name, link and etc... Just stuck on this one tbh. I thought, I could just change the path as well, by just simply changing the " C:/ " To (Users.home) Seems to be a lil different than that though. Any help would be greatly appreciated as always. Thank you. Here's my Signlink Java File. [CODE] public static String findcachedir() { String as[] = { "c:/windows/", "c:/winnt/", "d:/windows/", "d:/winnt/", "e:/windows/", "e:/winnt/", "f:/windows/", "f:/winnt/", "c:/", "~/", "/tmp/", "", "c:/rscache", "/rscache" }; if(storeid < 32 || storeid > 34) storeid = 32; String s = "espkc_" + storeid; for(int i = 0; i < as.length; i++) try { String s1 = as[i]; if(s1.length() > 0) { File file = new File(s1); if(!file.exists()) continue; } File file1 = new File(s1 + s); if(file1.exists() || file1.mkdir()) return s1 + s + "/"; } catch(Exception _ex) { } return null; } public static final String findcachedir2() { try { //String s = "C:/crs_file_store_32/"; String s = "C:/espkc_32/"; File file = new File(s); if(file.exists() || file.mkdir()) return s; } catch(Exception _ex) { } return null; } [/CODE]
  9. Hello, Dear Moparscapers. I have a very strange issue, I have never ever faced before. I am working on one of the old SoulSplit PI releases. I have been working on it for a while, however, I have been facing this issue, where only one person can login to the server and no one else. We have tried making a jar, same situation. We have checked the IP's and ports and everything seems to be "A ok" Does anyone know what kind of problem I am running into? Where no one can login but only 1 person. When more than one person tries to login, it says: "Connection Lost - please wait attempting to re-establish...." as soon as you login, it goes through until the black screen, then it says: Connection lost..... and logs you out. When you try the second time, it says: "Your account is already logged in, please try again in 60 seconds... " However, the account isn't actually online... Anyways, I hope someone can help here. Thanks.
  10. Any more ideas anyone would like to share?
  11. [quote name='A Duck Tale']Fair enough mate :) just throwing some ideas around :3 Unique content such as adding a new skill, new boss , new interface, etc that would make your server unique. I've seen some servers have a slayer interface that tells the location of the monster that they are hunting, which is great for people who join up, etc. And i recall [MENTION=11]Daedalus[/MENTION] implementing a guild system which he was doing things with, which sounded awesome ^_^. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to add customs like guns or homer simpson, but people do enjoy seeing new, unique, content that fits with the runescape'y theme.[/QUOTE] I guess so, I see what you mean.
  12. [quote name='A Duck Tale']- Quests - All NPC's - All Objects - All Bosses (mabye wilderness bossess as well) - Working interfaces - Tutorial Island - 100% correct drops - All dungeons added - All skills that you want in your rsps to be implemented 100% (you can do everything that you could with the original game). - All minigames working 100% like Runescape. - Working achievement diaries - Forum integration (vote, highscores,donating). - 100% correct sounds - Unique Content That's all i can think of right now :P[/QUOTE] Some of the ideas I like. I am not planning on going for the whole "runescape" thing tbh. So, probs not. One more thing, I don't think I honestly would want too overflow my server or crowd it with "all the npc's" if I don't need them. I won't be going after the quests either tbh, I have 3 coded, working on 3 more and that's about it. not looking to really update my cache that much either. Sounds, I like. what do you mean by "unique content" ? skills are good I feel, don't want the runescape feel, look or game really. Don't really need all bosses I suppose, Don't think i'd need all objects either tbh.
  13. Hello there, I am looking for some new things to code onto my (PI) RSPS. I can't think of much more to really code, even though there probably might be a lot of content that others might know of so, I thought, I might be able to get some of your guys opinions about it. Any ideas, anyone can give me about anything they'd think would be good to code or have? I know most people think (PI's) are dead or useless, I actually want to keep working on this, so, I can at least maybe try and go far with it! Anyways, let me know what you think guys. Thanks
  14. this right here; [CODE] } elsepublic void buyFromShopPrice(int removeId, int removeSlot){ FIX IT AT THE END, PUT A SPACE BETWEEN THE ){ SO IT BECOMES ) { [/CODE] There are too many errors in this, if you want to keep it, you'd have to go through all the files and makes sure that they are correct.