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    problem read plox :/

    i finally got my pvp zone but if i kill a person he loses hes items but they don't drop on the floor :/ its a 317 PI server plox help meh
  2. Oh fuk.... you remade yanillescape thats what i was working on... q.q
  3. [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]nvrm solved[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  4. pfff still need help :/
  5. [size=5][color="#ff0000"]solved[/color][/size]
  6. Hey, i can't make my doors operate. i know i need to be in the actionhandler.java file but from then i don't have any idea please explain. here is a pic of the door with coords and itemID in chat. [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/2m5l09g.png[/IMG]
  7. or do you guys know a good Non PI source and client to start with?
  8. [COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=5]just nvrm il start another non pi server its much easyer in my opinion.[/SIZE][/COLOR] can someone give me a good tutorial on how to delete objects on a pi server? i searched for alot of tutorials but it still doesn't work:/
  9. and with the -1 0 or 1 doesn't work eighter balla or joseph got skype?
  10. the cmd errors are the way you told me :/
  11. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/2zrjq4j.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/25zm829.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2num9sw.png[/IMG] but it worked the first time without the -1 0 or 1 but then i deleted the code and started over and then i didn't work anymore :/
  12. comon now its not working anymore what am i doing wrong :/ [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/347z32a.png[/IMG] the door was gone but the some onther objects didn't go away it got alitle messed up so i started over and now they won't go away anymore eaghter :/
  13. OMG thank you so much finally someone who explains it a good way :) its a "thanks" for u
  14. Nvrm fixed the error just deleted the castlewars thing il see if the door is gone now.
  15. when i compile i get an error :S [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/1zvpw0y.png[/IMG]
  16. i don't have [QUOTE]c.getPA().castleWarsObjects();[/QUOTE] in changeregions.java :/ this is everythin in there: [QUOTE]package server.model.players.packets; import server.Server; import server.model.players.Client; import server.model.players.PacketType; /** * Change Regions */ public class ChangeRegions implements PacketType { @Override public void processPacket(Client c, int packetType, int packetSize) { Server.itemHandler.reloadItems(c); Server.objectManager.loadObjects(c); c.saveFile = true; if(c.skullTimer > 0) { c.isSkulled = true; c.headIconPk = 0; c.getPA().requestUpdates(); } } [/QUOTE] and it should be like this huh in PlayerAssistan.java then: [QUOTE] public void removeObjects() { objectToRemove(2597, 3087);[/QUOTE]
  17. i am remaking the YanilleScape 317 rsps in my opinion it was the best server(1st version) there are already 3 versions of yanillescape that i know but i am remaking the 1st version with some more features. if anyone that played yanillescape b4 has some suggestions or wan't to help coding let me know.
  18. when i try to wield an item i get this: [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/rruv6g.png[/IMG] and becouse of that i can't shop a tree eighter: [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/fdgk7d.png[/IMG] cuz i can't wield my hatched and why do i keep seeing those coords? please help me i need this to get to work
  19. i don't but its easyer to post a pic on tinypic.com and post it with this code: [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/2rdz0pl.png[/IMG] then you get a pic like that
  20. ZoomXL

    Need helpppp

    what did u change in: src\server\modem\playersaving.java before you compiled?
  21. [quote name='Archange1']I believe there are several tutorials on this. Check google or simply search the website with the search bar.[/QUOTE] i already searched google the best tut i found short explained: goto actionhandler.java find public void firstClickObject then put the code for doors in there with the coords of the door you want to operate. (thats noob a pretty good tut huh? :/
  22. and another one that makes 2 ^^ srry for this
  23. just need 2 post to make a thread ignore pls ^^