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  1. We are a 317 server loading OSRS data. We combine replicated OSRS features such as Last Man Standing & Raids with our own twists on both existing & certain custom content. Game Media Yep...Here we go again. Spare me your lectures. This is in no way a server competing to be #1 on the toplists but a server made for those who wishes to play and have a good time. You may or may not be one of them. If you don't like the server, you may always join and try to dupe. I heard that's a fun activity. Join Discord
  2. Come play ladies. Just pushed some more updates.
  3. Bump, 60+ online every night and 40+ online around the clock! Constant updates being pushed; come play!
  4. Big updates been released: http://kozaro.net/forums/index.php?/topic/2030-updates-7th-of-may-2020-raid-changes-qol-rework/
  5. Website - Play Now - Discord About Us Kozaro is an OSRS-based private server which has freshly released again after 4 years of downtime. We present new pieces of content every single week and are excited to share this journey with you yet again. We offer you a wide variety of features ranging from intriguing skilling encounters and events to challenging OSRS bosses & minigames. We offer Raids 1, Raids 2 and a bunch of game modes. You can choose to play as anything from a normal account to a HCIM for more of a challenge. You can also team up with up to four team mates in our team ironman game mode! We have automated wilderness events and tons of passive content to do such as daily tasks and loyalty rewards. Below is some media of some select features. Don't miss out - Join now!
  6. New updates: http://kozaro.net/forums/index.php?/topic/1986-updates-1st-of-april-2020-hcim-daily-tasks-more/
  7. 20+ Online and growing by the day, come on and play